World of Warcraft gives you the opportunity to be a variety of different classes. Since not all classes are open to all races it is important to choose a race that can play your desired class.Alliance races, include Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Night Elves and, with the Burning Crusade expansion, replica watches chronoswiss chronometer Draenei. Horde races include Orcs, Trolls, Undead, Taurens and, with the Burning Crusade expansion, Blood Elves.Here's who can play what classes, and a little about what they do:Warrior - All races except Blood Elves. Excellent at taking and giving damage, these are good tanks and damage doers. They can wield the most powerful melee weapons available, and wear plate mail. Good in PVP. Talents include Arms, allowing them to inflict more damage and wield two handed weapons, Fury, which allows them to wield two weapons at once, and Protection, which reduces the amount of damage they receive.Mage - Humans, Gnomes, Draenei, Undead, Trolls, illinois sangamo special hour replica and Blood Elves. Mages do massive amounts of damage, polymorph opponents, teleport throughout the world and other amazing tricks. The bad news is your armor sucks. Best to hide in the back ranks and cast high damage spells from long range. Great in PVP. Talents include Frost, which slows opponents, Fire, with massive damage, and Arcane for more mana and increased damage.Priest - daniel roth le sentier replica watches Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, Draenei, Trolls Blood Elves and Undead - By far the best healers, Priests are always needed in a dungeon crawl or battle. Ok in PVP, best with a partner. Talents include Holy for better healing, Discipline, for better overall abilities, and Shadow, to improve damage.Rogue - Everyone except Draenei and Taruen can play Rogues. These are best at sneak attacks with the ability to stealth and surprise your enemy. Great in Player vs Player. Their Talents include Subtlety which improves stealth and sneak attacks, Combat which increases damage with swords and Assassination increases damage in general.Paladin - Races include Humans, Dwarves, Draenei and Blood Elves - Paladins are a mix of healer and tank. They can wear plate armor at higher levels, and they can heal. They're good in PVP, and enhance dungeon parties with auras. Probably the best adventuring class, able to take on multiple opponents, but battles tend to take a very long time. Talents include Holy, which improves healing, Protection, which reduces damage taken and Retribution which does damage to attackers.Warlock - Humans, Gnomes, Undead, Orcs and Blood Elves. Warlocks, like mages, are best doing damage from long range. However, they can summon pets (Ok, demons) to attack for you. Can be great in PVP if played right. These are also very quick to level since they can use their pets when questing. Talents include Affliction which fake a lange sohne datograph increases damage per second, Destruction which increases spell damage, and Demonology, which makes your pet even stronger.Druid - Tauren and Night Elves. Combining the abilities of a healer, mage, warrior and rogue all in one, Druids can shape-shift to be tanks, or serve as decent healers. Good in PVP. Talents include Feral Combat to increase damage in beast forms, Balance to increase spell damage, and Restoration to improve healing.Shaman - Tauren, Draenei, Troll, and Orcs. Shamans summon totems to help them in combat, they can heal, cast spells, and also assume an animal form for faster travel. Good in PVP. Talents are Enhancement which increases melee damage, Elemental Combat which increases spell damage, and Restoration which improves healing.Hunter - Dwarves, Draenei, Night Elves, Taurens, Orcs Trolls and Blood Elves. Hunters have long range weapon attacks, traps, and, of course, pets. They are good in PVP and level well, but some experience points always go to your pet. Talents are Beast Mastery which increases pets effectiveness, Marksmanship which increases long range weapon damage, and Survival, which improves traps and specialization damage to different creatures.Death Knight - Will be introduced with Wrath of the Lich King expansion. All races can play it, as long as you've got a level 55 or higher character on that realm. Their Talents will be replica oris sportsman watch Unholy, Frost and Blood. These look to be the cheap rolex none watches most formidable class available.

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