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To the end of the year, Li Dongsheng attended the 5th annual economic figures CCTV ceremony, with signs of modest smile, panerai luminor 1950 gmt online made an impromptu speech: the first person to eat crab. He described as the first Chinese company TCL acquired the world's leading TV, mobile phone brand story, and nothing about the performance not long ago brings up the banner of panerai radiomir 8th second replicas the TCL Mobile from CEO win Wan Jianming thing.

"Pao Ge" bad back

Wan Jianming, was born in Yibin, Sichuan mountains, there is his personality, "Pao Ge" the profound impact of culture, ways of doing things proud, tough. 1994 panerai black seal on sale joined Wan Jianming, TCL, at first impression has always been a passion for R & D team leader. In 1999, Wan Jianming Li Dongsheng received approval to start their own company, TCL Mobile to lead into the mobile phone industry. The rise of his amazing speed. In 2001, TCL Mobile business sales revenue of 3.0 billion, up replica rolex watch 8.2 billion yuan in 2003, entry into the top 5 domestic mobile phone market, domestic mobile phone top two, 4-year consecutive growth over 100%, from the Wan Jianming This and the waveguide with President Xu Lihua, a leader of character made mobile phones, more is known as the "godfather of mobile phones." Million in 2002, I won the Youth League Central Committee issued the "Chinese Outstanding Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award", received the Youth Award 2003, "China's Ten Outstanding Young Persons" in the title. Wan Jianming, also a business theorist, he wrote of "the system win" by CITIC Publishing House, by the end of September 2004 conference to open a new book to the Great Hall, a large number of ministerial officials and academics to join in class. Characters left office to let such a star, Li Dongsheng certain after careful and painful choice. Wan Jianming's resignation was announced the day of the comments online have as many as 1,000, and the brightest media is the way Kuangzhui, Wan Jianming, also received in 2004 so ten get the job manager, TCL also became a "mountain can not accommodate two tigers" or "high power main earthquake," the company's new classic political.

The resignation of Wan Jianming Li Dongsheng on looked very calm: "this year, intensified market competition, the original success of those factors in the new circumstances, may not be successful. This requires adjustment." "For the resignation of Wan Jianming are two reasons for his poor health, another reason is that operating performance decline. "

Li Dongsheng, then does the data support. December 21, 2004, TCL Communication Holdings, Pre-losing announcement that third quarter 2004 financial performance much weaker than expected. The first three quarters of 2004, TCL Communication Holdings dropped 1.6 billion yuan year on year sales and net profit fell 50.4% year on year. October 2004, TCL Alcatel Mobile Communication Group acquires a business, so far there is no accurate positioning, almost hesitant. After the acquisition of Alcatel, TCL mobile phones began to expand the staff discontent, as the slow progress of integration, the joint venture's sales stagnated, TCL Alcatel Mobile business not only to fill the tens of millions of yuan a month loss, but the staff began to TCL Mobile generally take a pay cut. TCL mobile marketing and R & D personnel began losing.

Wan Jianming dismissed in the end is the victim of politics or the performance of the company say?
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Success of harm

Wan Jianming, the context of decline in the market advocated the acquisition of Alcatel, and the acquisition of Thomson as to form a second development milestone in the TCL. Concerning this seemingly perfect marriage might actually be worth mentioning, TCL does not get the 3G technology, as Alcatel's 3G technology mastered in another joint venture Fujitsu Alcatel hands. Had a year of integration of a multinational company is tough things, but TCL has to integrate the two, so difficult. Wan Jianming Li Dongsheng can not say no to the word because he was too successful! TCL to the TV section as such a policy would have to accept the planned acquisition of mobile plate. "Unfortunately, leaving a shortfall of gambling money, or I'm big gamble." Wan Jianming, the often bare their own ambitions. Managers have too much vision and ambition, never a good thing. Once in a position left alone, they want bigger platform. All this and she does not ask deep reason. Managers can enjoy great fame and fortune gambling returns, but it does not take a large bet on the financial risk. Li Dongsheng and the Board of worrying about, a series of recommendations, but often not to be ignored.

Too smart a CEO of a large company, may not be a good thing. Mrs Wan Jianming can, and so in the first moment you will see that other people's absurd, and not economic. He producer, director, actor, supporting actor in an embrace, do not leave space to others. I am China Crafts Suppliers writer, reports some information about printed hand towels , designer beach towel.