From Disney to the party special, from gold to a variety of new product ideas, creative industry is the attitude of a new industry to become the focus of attention. Anhui, as an active practitioner of this industry, from the innovative ideas are also being innovative means of innovative content to start, extend the industrial chain, planning a new layout, speed up the building "creative Anhui" the new phenomenon.

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Anhui iFLYTEK Information Technology Co., Ltd. Sun Jing, President's Office Departmental Secretary: "We are now in talks with Shanghai World Expo Co-operation Programme, as we want this shape onto Treasure Expo."

Voice with the world's top core technology and 80% of the domestic market share, the current flight information is focused on creating China's "Sound Valley", so that speech fake ebel beluga for sale technology is constantly creative in extending the industrial chain, developing a voice chip, voice navigation products, audio books, toys and other rich and varied voice to listen to listen to the derivatives, the final scale of the formation of hundreds of billion industry.

Anhui iFLYTEK Jing-Ming Xu, vice president of Information Technology Co., Ltd.: "We say there are two meanings of independent innovation, replicas omega the first one then we are much better understanding of the scientific community to realize the application of this technology, we are better than the second the common people even know what kind of technology, how to guide his needs. "

From anime games to movies, entertainment, industrial design, creative industry with its unique charm is the formation of a huge market demand. With high-tech and own intellectual property rights, Anhui creative industry is the continuous extension of industrial chain accumulation of new competitive. Special joy in the world in Wuhu side, the chain of creative industries such as animation, movies, games, derivatives and a dozen sub-projects of mutual integration, the "fist" effect. Such as the image of this small dinosaur, only to be brought into a theme park, has also been put into the shop window, while it is animation, film, various publications of the protagonist, the small image and created a big benefit. Open Park is only one and a half, square special reception in the world of tourists has more than 20 million passengers, revenues reached 200 million 3, more than 10 million yuan, has become following the Mount Huang of Anhui tourism after the "third pole." Worldwide, as many traditional industries in the international financial crisis, when under the influence of tumbling down, the creative industries have maintained a 30% rise contrarian.

To win first-mover advantage, at present, Anhui is from the integration of superior resources, to attract creative talent, to undertake industrial shift and so on are all out in preparation for 3-5 years, focusing on the development of information services, animation games, traditional works of art, education training, culture and leisure tourism, culture, exhibition and other creative industries, the six initial completion of 10-15 distinct regional characteristics, the creative economy and creative industries park, or base, gathering more than 2,000 kinds of creative enterprises, so that the added value of creative production to an average of 20 % of growth rate, caused by the Anhui play a leading creative economy province.

Standing Committee, deputy director of Anhui Province, Anhui Province, Creative Economy Research Association, ZHU Xian-made: "One is the use of cultural elements and a combination of science and technology to create advantages in Anhui chain of creative industries, one is the formation of the accumulation region improve the economic competitiveness of a region. According to a survey conducted in Europe, the appearance of industrial transformation, the change on a cheap girard perregaux laureato watches dollar invested to increase the added value of 1500 U.S. dollars. "

Guangdong vice president of creative economy research doctoral tutor Evidence from: "Creative industries are a relatively sunrise industry, in line with China's industry Vicarious direction. To do the creative industries in Anhui, the first of Yaoda brand, focusing on Hefei, Wuhu with outstanding about this strategic position. "

Creative industries with distinct regional characteristics and brand characteristics, speed up economic cheap elgin father time watches development ideas sounded "Anhui creative" melody, the reputation of "Anhui creative" brand. In order to not lose the opportunity, the current scientific and technological progress in Anhui and innovation should be the development of devaluation as a force, a government guidance and market operation, standard operation mode of social participation, to have their own characteristics, "Creative Anhui" at an early date. I am a professional writer from China Telecommunications, which contains a great deal of information about knitted baby booties , non skid slipper socks, welcome to visit!