Many have been renovated through the feelings of people who have the same, spent a lot of brilliant clothing and good house, and his imagination is not the same, but some places feel good decoration, but over time, but feel uncomfortable, but change was rather troublesome. If you are planning renovation, do you had better learned from the "previous" lessons learned. ????Taboo 1: quality first and design the final ????Many families in accordance with the actual decoration of "quality first, then buy materials, and finally design" ideas. Everybody likes designer breeder decoration company, said a result of this thinking is that, in the renovation process, the customer will continue to generate new ideas, new ideas came out, the original idea would change not only the delay period, The two sides also easy to do but create new problems. ????Breeder stressed: "have seen a landlord Liangshiliangting the big house, the decoration was knockoff tag heuer very beautiful, but found no buy breitling navitimer world talent Bahrain left the main storage space, the result has bought a large cabinet, which of course affected the original design, so the actual decoration and design in advance, should be a basic idea. " ????Taboo 2: Room color does not "main color" ????Highly recommended by the decoration and fashion designer home magazines guide, bright bright colors are being used more and more decoration owners, replica cartier tank americaine particularly young people, very stress decoration "personality." But some owners are not very particular about the color, the knockoff patek philippe watches color of some dissonant together, the results give viewers mind uncomfortable. ????Jia Hao designer houses in the cities that actually have some color decoration, "a thing a thing down," the law, with the ratio between the color, size must pay attention to science. "I think the room has a 'primary colors' is better, under the 'main colors' go to determine other with color. Many people like to study the model fitting, the fact 'showroom' in order to attract customers regard the color layout are very 'impact', but in home decoration, the 'impact' strength, color does not necessarily make people feel more comfortable. " ????Taboo 3: too much light causing "light pollution" ????Light is the master regulator home atmosphere, if the choice of installing proper lighting, romantic, warm, bright, various mood would follow. But some families are like light to ballroom Bahrain, does not feel comfortable. Jia Hao told reporters that if improper lighting decoration will transform into a "light pollution", and some people's eyes shine spotlights, even if a second will be very hard to accept. In the family, you can use the "second light", that is, hit the lights reflecting off the ceiling and then, not so romantic and dazzling. Another principle is the "key light" and must be read, put a lamp, and focus to do, for the regional interior a fake hamilton light on it, not too light, warm and soft like. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as China pda gps navigation , pda gps navigation replica watches bertolucci pulchra Manufacturer for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits voice activated gps navigation.