It is understood, Heilongjiang Province, a province belonging to heavy lightning, lightning disasters every year thousands of yuan of economic losses. According to experts, people in the region hit by lightning as a main reason some people secretly installed in the roof Solar water heaters , Satellite TV receivers and other devices. Present, a number of quarters of the residents of Harbin in the roof to install solar water heaters, satellite TV receivers and other devices, most of these are not detected by mine sector. In the lightning weather, these easy to connect the device to become "triggered lightning needle" after being struck by lightning, thunder and lightning towards the public these devices Pianjiang home. Current residents through home electrical appliances may lead to the destruction, may cause harm to the public personal. Experts remind residents of the roof to install solar water heaters or other television receiving equipment, be sure to please the professional guidance of mine personnel to ensure safety before they can install. Lightning center provincial experts point out that if the purchase of new commercial housing residents, the developer should pay attention to see whether the acceptance of approved professional bodies lightning concord saratoga watches for sale protection lightning protection certificate, you can log Provincial Meteorological Bureau website, or to Harbin Government Administration Service Center weather window query. Harbin struck by lightning three-day Reporter learned from the Harbin Municipal Meteorological Observatory, Harbin City in May this year's unusually dry, agricultural seedling growing weaker. To enter in June the weather in Harbin since the present situation of low temperature and rainy, with only four or five days throughout June there is no rain, and thunder and lightning, high winds and other severe convective weather, significantly increased compared with previous years, resulting in lightning phenomena have occurred, to the public also brought fake cartier tank americaine watch the safety risks. Meteorologists, deputy director of Harbin Meteorological Dr. buy breguet marine royale Chen Li said in an interview, more than in previous years, issued in the autumn of thunderstorm season in June this year, but the weather in Harbin. Is due to cold vortex cloud system control in most parts of Heilongjiang Province, affected by it, Harbin City and surrounding counties and cities also appeared several days of severe convective weather, we often encounter short of thunderstorms. She reminded the public face of this lightning weather, the public must be taken to avoid being struck by lightning. It was learned that on June 27, Founder of two farmers in their own land Drainage way back home after experiencing thunderstorms, a 63-year-old male farmer carrying a shovel, went to Gao Gang Office was struck by lightning died on the spot; another 32-year-old man is home from the field, went to open the Gao Gang Office, lightning hit his head on the spot death experiences; same day, the life extension of a 19-year-old young men nowadays in the field replica hublot watches weeding from the thunderstorm, he was struck by lightning when answering mobile phones, were killed instantly. Thunderstorm days in the open areas to avoid receiving calls Mobile Meteorologists, deputy director of Harbin Meteorological Observatory, said Dr. Chen Li, severe convective weather occurred, if outside, should immediately seek shelter homes, fitted with lightning rods, and steel or reinforced concrete structures. If lightning can not find a suitable place, the fake bell ross power reserve watches focus should be to minimize human contact with the ground and reduce the area of lightning the way, can squat, feet together, hands up lap, body forward flexion, such as put on raincoats, mine would be better. Do not lay on the ground, in trenches or pits. Dr. Chen Li stressed that if in the wild, do not open areas or near the top of the hill lone tree, where the most vulnerable to lightning, and do not stay in open water or boat, can not remain in the high woods Son edge and the wires, flag poles and around the haystacks, tents and other equipment no lightning near tall objects, and do not stop at the tracks, long metal railings and other large metal objects close by and the Peak, high ground and other places. In addition, the wild crowd, whether it is sports, or static, should pull a few meters, not crowded together, may also be hiding in the larger cave. cheap rolex deepsea She also reminded the public not to bring any metal objects in the open air walk, do not use metal umbrella; best not to ride, ride bicycles and Motorcycle
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