Some people might say: low-carbon Decoration ? We are more concerned about cheap decoration, to save money is the last word. From pistachio interviewed renovation completed last year, just look at the many families, many of the original idea to save money, and finally tend to put on a low-carbon decorated range children. Do not believe? See the recipe for pistachio introduced, you know.

Water pipeline To the hot water pipe bag coat
Both solar water heater or gas water heater, best hot water pipes outside the package in a layer cheap bvlgari diagono professional scuba of insulating pipe, it is the practice of colleagues to provide small yellow, pistachio professional decoration company also witnessed the construction site.

Solar water heater installed in the outdoor, gas water heater installed in the kitchen, hot water conduction to the bathroom from the water heater must have some distance, the distance a lot of heat loss in winter. If you add a layer to the hot water pipes, "coat", the insulation effect will be particularly good. This heat pipe price is not high, 2.5 meters long one as long as five dollars, to reduce costs with this

Energy Loss, it is very cheap. Insulating pipe installation is simple, just install the water mains will increase teacher workload point.

Space layout Knock the wall to avoid digging
Unsatisfactory situation room how to do? Pay someone to knock on the wall first, dig holes, and then spend money on strengthening, which improve the spatial layout of the approach is very popular very wasteful.

ARTS Court Long certain (network name) is not doing so, her family's Sanshiliangting there is fake hampden watches a long hallway and several Road obtrusive beams, conventional practice is generally to cover the beam changes the Unit and she added buy zenith grande chronomaster xxt open some curvature to the beam, into the arch-shaped, and gave Canada a narrow corridor of lockers to buffer the line of sight, to improve the uncomfortable Unit. Just keep the original pattern of this one let the dragon to save a certain amount of reinforcement rolex masterpiece replicas costs, but also saving knock the wall reinforcement schedule, embarked on a low-carbon route.

Local spatial Large tatami replace all
Furniture Many Small apartment Families like to be a tatami own local,
Storage And sleep things correct. And Xin Long Washington a couple more severe for small to more than 10 square meters into a large tatami room, heightening the entire ground floor and the space between the actual ground became four 50 cm high cabinet, only in the middle of the room most of the way down to do a desktop.

With the heightening ground and can lift the platform, all rooms
Furniture Do not have to buy or make to order, and save money and save the painting process, the entire space

Environmental protection Index of natural increase.
Furniture with Useful to keep the old furniture
Said the new house everything must be new, but in an interview last year, the newly renovated pistachio room, but saw a lot of old furniture, do not think that is not willing to throw away the old masters of mean things, old things and old things in fact benefit.

A network called orange mother to prepare her daughter's small room is used before the old house of old furniture, because the old furniture, formaldehyde certainly much less than new furniture and old fake tag heuer link furniture edge angular corner has been wear or less, do not worry about bruised child. Harbour home mom who lives every day (network name) shipped with the home's dowry when the lockers, not that she was stingy, but the old furniture and her decoration style is in tune, more comfortable to use, work, environmental protection also people feel relieved.

Second-hand housing reform Spend the basis of the original decoration

Young couple's first home to mostly second-hand house, finally bought a house in Hangzhou, the decoration of money running out. I am a professional writer from Components Electronic suppliers, which contains a great deal cheap chopard l u c pro one of information about modern bedroom dresser , mirrored console table, welcome to visit!