Product features fancy anti-trouble Button more and more functions become more and more complete now many of the characteristics of household electrical appliances, which "all", "high tech" products, bell ross power reserve on sale many features usually are not much used, there After problems are often add a lot of trouble to the people. 's Major home appliances in Beijing Marketplace See large TV , Refrigerator, Water heater , Small Cooker , Coffee Multifunction publicity be seen everywhere. Some CRT TV with child lock, calendar and other functions, some microwave Panel No fewer than a dozen buttons on the appliance in addition to fried, fried, boiled, fried, stewed, braised, burning, there is time, automatic heat, voice prompts and other functions, expensive coffee machine Computer Control panel also has automatic Grind , Automatic cleaning button ... ... these people to a shortfall of household appliances, "silver", but sometimes people are not liking. Reporter States United States Beijing Garden Village shop survey, the Consumer Ma multifunction appliances brought on to gas. She told reporters: "One day I turn on the TV, the screen lock there is a green logo to find out the manual and saw the original is accidentally pressed the child lock on the remote control key, but how can not find remote control device, and press the button on the TV panel has no response. Later, contact with the service, they say that only with the machine type matching remote control in order to discharge child lock lock, remote control, then temporarily out of stock, need to based applications, such as several weeks to get. " A survey report, in particular, small appliances, multi-product failure rate is often higher than the single function products about 10%. Beijing's West Third Ring Road cheap rolex cellini watches near the maintenance center for electrical Su Park, head of a surname, Liu told reporters that the more home appliances function more complex, the higher the probability of failure. Some features are not usually used once a problem, but may make the product "strike." Service Train Keep up with technological developments "Now Appliance Repair Live it well dry, and some do not break down a time to diagnosis. "The Haidian District, Beijing, another repair shop, claiming more than 10 years experience in maintenance of master Hao said somewhat reluctantly, before the people to Air conditioning , TV repair shop so moved, changed after the basic components can be "prescribing the medicine." "In recent years I have learned a lot of expertise, can not keep up with times that children, often do not see Sha problems." Reporters with 315UNION consumer electronics online community for assistance contact the person learned that consumer complaints from the community situation, "do not see something wrong," "temporary fix it" is not only a master such Hao problems faced by maintenance personnel, some manufacturers of professional after-sales service department of the problem appliance "disease" are often "diagnosed" unclear. Shanghai consumers had an air-conditioning not cooling, maintenance staff, first for the outdoor unit template, but trouble still. Separated for a few days after-sales service department again sent to the consumer's home, almost the entire outdoor unit can be dismantled dismantled over and over, suspect a bad diode, bad parts, but did not repair. A few days later, another maintenance staff to change the fake zeno watch basel computer board, it did not fix, the last for the entire outdoor unit only to solve the problem. "Appliance repair is not the traditional concept of repairing and maintenance personnel with a simple operation techniques have been behind the technology." China's Deputy Secretary General Wang Yukui Appliance Repair Association, said before the appliances are used more belt, Gear Transmission, as simple equipment, even with seeing, ears, hands and feel with intuitive method to determine and troubleshoot. With the increasing production Automation , Intelligence, equipment failure to find, locate and remove more and more complex, and sometimes the reasons of failure may be caused by many, such as micro-computer control failure, the problem may be hardware chip, it may be a software error problems, may also be intertwined with the issue of multiple factors. Association of Chinese home appliance repair " Appliance Service Service Industry fundamentals Sample Survey Report "shows that maintenance employees were high school the following academic qualifications up to 80%. buy bell ross chronograph Product technology updates as quickly, the lack of professional training of maintenance personnel skill level behind. Wang Yukui said China Association of home appliance repair home appliance repair across the country had also trained more than replica breguet classique watches 30 vocational schools survey showed that the level of existing training equipment and teachers behind the appliance at least 10 years of technological development, especially in high-end work principles and maintenance of technical training materials seriously lagging behind. Correspondingly, is that some companies now have R & D and production of new products focus on the professional Talent fake blancpain leman Training, such as Sony China's service system to a large investment to establish a national network of e-training system for the relevant personnel across the country provides the most timely, efficient way to interconnect, in addition to the Chang "Sunshine network" and Haier Star service center. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as oil drill pipe , China oil rig pipes, and more. For more , please visit oil tank piping today!