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Recent years, the traditional Broadcasting Two major problems have become increasingly prominent: First, the question of content, radio commercial interests widespread contempt for the quality of programs; Second, technical issues, by Launch Tower cheap girard perregaux laureato for sale Spread Less traditional broadcast coverage area only. The problems exposed in the traditional broadcasting is Satellite Radio Of Business opportunities Located. ? In recent years, has more than 12,000 commercial radio stations, a highly developed market, the U.S. broadcasting industry, relying on new technology?? The rapid rise of satellite radio, its advanced digital technology platform, the maturing of the industry chain and new business models has shown attractive prospects, and even the U.S. broadcasting industry is expected to become the future trend. Problems found in traditional broadcasting business As the oldest buy cartier pasha seatimer electronic media, in recent years, the United States, two major problems of traditional broadcasting have become increasingly prominent: First, the question of content: prevalence of radio programs for business interests taking precedence over quality, Advertisement A very long time, and even collusion with replica patek philippe twenty for sale the music companies and frequently repeated phenomena, caused resentment listeners. Second, technical problems, rely on the traditional broadcast transmission towers can only cover small areas, in the car inadvertently left the tower footprint, the audience had to listen to the program being interrupted, and the establishment of the simulation Broadcast sound quality is not high technology, and sometimes by some external interference. The problems exposed in the traditional broadcasting business is located. November 2001, the first U.S. satellite radio companies XM announced that beginning in the U.S. launch of service, four months later, the second SIRIUS satellite radio companies, followed by the market. Satellite broadcasting segment defined target market is: people driving the road. One reason the United States amounted to 220 million cars in a year Sell New cars From 16 million to 17 million, according to SIRIUS Company CEO Karmazin estimates, as long as the vehicle for existing and new car owners in the sale of a small part?? 8 million users are expected from loss to gain; causes II, Americans prefer to cars time was spent in the car more than other countries, while in the car radio is the only contact with the media, there is no other media Competition ; Third, the existence of traditional broadcast content and technical problems, so many drivers Talent Turn CD and other entertainment on board, as long as the improvement of the two main problems of traditional radio, satellite radio will certainly be opportunities. Start, satellite radio is not to be optimistic about the industry, the reason is very simple compared to the traditional radio Operation Low-cost, free listening, ad-supported business models mature, the satellite radio to launch satellite to rent or own, the cost is very high, and users need to pay 12.95 U.S. dollars per month pay to listen to, in addition, the user must purchase price is higher than radio satellite receivers several times. Naturally, satellite radio also does not have the advantages of traditional broadcasting: 12.95 U.S. dollars in paid, the user can receive music, sports, news, weather, children, more than 100 channels of various types of high-quality programming, sound quality can be achieved CD-quality effects, and most of the channel without annoying ads. Fee plus satellite radio to the content model of advertising success, the number of users could more than break point is the decisive factor. In the more than 12,000 stations on almost every segment of the airtight coverage to achieve the competitive environment, people are willing to pay for free access to the service it? After nearly 4 years, the market gives the answer: the United States one of only two satellite radio companies, XM and SIRIUS company's customers are developing at an alarming rate, as at the end of June this year, XM has 4.4 million users, up 55% revenue of 125 million, increased by over 200%; SIRIUS customers to 1.81 million, up 184%, income 52.2 million, an increase of 295%. As Public Media, satellite broadcasting on the 400 million customers used less than Cable television Or online viewing business, then the two have developed in the U.S. media, users are very successful example. marion watch co a h wallis fake watches It is estimated that at the end of this year, XM customers will exceed 6 million, SIRIUS subscribers will reach 3 million. Despite the huge early investment, the two companies are still in heavy losses, but Wall Street analysts have begun authorized satellite radio's business model, and optimistic about its future. Heavily build cooperation and open chain

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