"10. One" after the major appliance industry Chain Marketplace Frequent Competition Until then, clearly demonstrate Golden Week "Did not eat" symptoms. After several years of competitive chain store development has become saturated, the spirit from the beginning to scale down costs, lower cost prices to price and promote Marketing The model also tends to at-risk, open up new revenue model, marketing strategy, identify new and has become Home appliance chain Industry must face the past, simply "sharing a large," "price cut" approach is outdated, will continue in this self-debilitating. Ups and downs of growth Although the appliance waltham riverside maximus for sale with Locks The rise in the middle of the century, but the recent pattern of the national oligarchy is also the main thing the 21st century. Nineties of last century, household appliances Sell Industry formed the pet situation, almost every region has 12 Monopoly Of business. Beginning of this century based on economies of scale and over-obsession Foreign investment Retail giant is about to enter the Chinese market, fear, home appliance chain industry began a nationwide shuffle through independent shop, crazy mergers and acquisitions, and replica watches patek philippe hourglass Listing Financing Trilogy, the home appliance chain industry a market is basically saturated, and formed a States United States , Suning Paradise top three main national division, Beijing Dazhong, Jiangsu Five Star , Shandong Sanlian 3 in the regional market splintering of the situation. During this period the most important Strategy Is bigger, the competition is the best price, relying on the scale advantages reduce costs, manufacturers with compression dominant channel margins, it will surely bring in big profits while also diluted. Once the formation of scale in the next expansion will be no sense in reducing costs, with compressed margins as a means of low-cost strategy is bound to encounter low-profit limited Waterloo. Today, home appliance chain industry level competition in the market price means profits have suffered bottlenecks, home appliance chain industry urgently needs a new point of profit and marketing strategy. Find new areas of profit growth Nibble IT market, small household appliances market invariably become the largest home appliance industry to share new profit point. IT White Zhongguancun such a concentration rolex cellini danaos replica of only appliance store chain bridgehead advance IT industry, the first step. With their Brand Advantages and strong credit channel capacity by a large home appliance chain for IT is the credit card, although players may not be old right IT Ren Zhang, however, as an ordinary consumer of the overwhelming majority of users care about is more on business credit. The number of people in general IT Marketplace messy, volatile and unreliable sense, consumers and lack of IT expertise in the field, their hope is in the business credibility on human nature. Meanwhile, the chain of digital products has become twisted by the new hot spot, while the resulting follow-up were small home appliances. Giant chain strategy also focused on the fake hublot big bang king subject with a big order Flagship store Do Notebook Suning Beijing store is the new signs in an attempt with the traditional Logistics Media advantages and economies of scale to complete the backbone of IT products. The nature, whether it is allowed to enter the Zhongguancun, speculation or monopoly of digital notebook, home appliances small home appliances market, the introduction of chain, chain, or has barriers of scale, or big ideas, but the face of the saturation of traditional markets, expansion mode from the horizontal type to vertical-type extension of the way from the big to do the whole way. Many rolex turn o graph replica models wrestling traditional areas New profit growth point has always been able to replace traditional home appliances in the home appliance market, otherwise the market will no longer be home appliance home appliance market in the competitive marketing of traditional home appliances home appliance chain is always the most important battlefield. Whether positive wrestling champion shop, or to membership, mortgage installments, Suning's consumer marketing: the appliance of new home sales process forward to the consumer Decoration Stage, all instructions in the field of competition has been the traditional home appliances from the simple Price war Era. Consumer-centered, put it bluntly, these are the "heart" for the center, more human, including some out before buying, after purchasing a package of services including model are already visible. Home appliance chain industry product-centric, traditional means of price stores to the consumer as the center is to serve as a means of service, personalized store for change. To serve fake rolex air king as the center of the marketing concept in western countries, early 80s of last century was already mature industry, home appliance chain in China after a short avalanche development in a certain material and the accumulation stage of Management, integration to the international advanced experience Although "The road is long, its long and far," but it is also a matter of course, ripe for the inevitable choice. Hardships, the long road ahead
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