Market, such a number of companies and brands, initially because they were familiar with and involved in medical-related industries, thus deeply marked by scientific, rigorous, safety, health mark, the memory symbols and other industries After marriage, is still brought out a breitling replica watch paypal strong vitality. International brands such as Johnson , VICHY, domestic brands Yunnanbaiyao, Shenzhen cotton era PURCOTTON ...... Doctor to the people: the International Perspective of brand association First to look at these companies and brands Past and Present. Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886, the United States New Jersey. Is the world's first company to create sterile surgical dressing. In 1985, Johnson established the first China joint venture?? Xi'an-Janssen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the production Drugs . Subsequently, also committed to the development and promotion of commodities. Johnson's baby care brand series, "Poor to Li," Girl skin care products, "demon cool" sanitary napkins and the "Bondi" Band-Aid. VICHY originated in the historical town of central France Millennium VICHY, where the famous hot spring water, long-term use, can enhance the natural skin function. Its brand one of the founders was a doctor. 1931, VICHY spa treatment centers and beauty of skin doctors HALLER scientist Dr. Mr. GUERIN health co-founded the Vichy skin care products, registered trademarks VICHY VICHY, will VICHY skin care beauty spa water replica omega speedmaster for sale into high-tech products, in the world in great success. Its products are sold in 63 countries replica watches cartier tonneau and regions worldwide, with 5700 Sell Point, each of total turnover more than 200 million francs. Yunnanbaiyao is renowned in the world of proprietary ulysse nardin san marco gmt fake watches Chinese medicine, created in 1902. In 2004, Yunnanbaiyao introduced Baiyao toothpaste, opening Traditional Chinese medicine And the marriage of modern day road products. Different from ordinary toothpaste, toothpaste increased Baiyao Yunnanbaiyao ingredients, using Bai Yao function, to prevent and treat bleeding gums and mouth ulcers and other diseases. Single 22 yuan to the high price of creating a functional toothpaste brand. Test market from 2004 to 2008, just five years, Bai Yao toothpaste sales exceeded 1.1 billion. Steady Group was established in February 1991, mainly engaged in high-quality medical supplies, medical combination packaging products, home care products and processing services, disinfection and sterilization, is a professional production of medical dressings manufacturer in China for nine consecutive years to maintain medical materials industry Export First. Currently, a strong high-end Group PURCOTTON name (cotton) Life Hall debut in Shenzhen, representing the cotton has been producing high-end household items and family care products OEM business successful transition, he covers the mother and child watches knockoffs products, women's products , home, medical care, etc, with different super comfort, security and Environmental protection Characteristics. Listing Soon, the family emergency kits, cotton spunlace cloth washcloth and home "scratch music" will be in short supply clean towels. Both the high-profile appearance, or a low-key entry, these enterprises have not only unique to the industry before the rigorous, professional, safety, health and other characteristics, the same time, strong medical background of the origin also penetrate the enterprise development process, the influence corporate strategy, product positioning, product development and Marketing Strategies: Johnson & Johnson to position itself in the global personal care field. Vichy has been selected and adhere to the "world's only sold in pharmacies," the marketing strategy. The Yunnanbaiyao toothpaste, full of containing David Yunnanbaiyao of herbal medicine, and state assigned to it?? State secret formula. Hold Baiyao the imperial sword, strong beat national confidentiality formula to Baiyao unique nature of the extensive nature of pharmacology, efficacy of certainty, pocketed the masses a sense of trust! Shenzhen robust PURCOTTON, product line and then a long, highlights the core level of care or medical products to market, which is to fake breguet heritage for sale be its brand proposition, "medical life, and the cotton health care" to medical care and level of technology to produce civilian products to meet the pursuit of high quality real life human needs. Development: quality and brand, one less

Civilian medical turn, the adjustment strategy to expand the enterprise development space, bringing the strict medical background, professionalism, safety, health and other advantages, a high quality label products, many enterprises to take off by leaps and bounds. However, the saying goes, "Success Xiao He, Xiao He also lost" consumer channel change will pose a risk, although the strategic adjustment of the brand advantage and achieve market segmentation has played an important role, but because of the brand's obstacles Many businesses in this area is still relatively slow business development. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as China Solar Power Inverter , Online High Frequency UPS Manufacturer for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits Rechargeable Lead Acid Batteries.