Shengli Oilfield Produced Water resources research shows a huge saving of space, clean water production wastewater in the conversion rate is expected to increase to 40%, one day, "drink" into 120 cubic meters of produced water, and then "spit" out of 24 cubic meters of water. In recent days, oil production plant in Shengli Oilfield island, isolated four joint station often to reporters about the Tao such a wonderful oil wastewater treatment technology.
????Shengli Oil Field which is a pilot project being carried out. The "recovery after water utilization" study, the use of flotation, fine filtration, reverse osmosis and other technical means, on the oil production process for advanced treatment of sewage generated, so into the resources available. These transformed sewage, often used as the deployment of polymer 3 oil and heavy oil thermal recovery steam boiler water.
????Technical Test Center technical personnel of environmental monitoring stations, said: "If through engineering optimization, conversion rate of fresh panerai fake water is expected to increase to 40%."
????Treated water quality is also satisfactory, with the preparation of polymer viscosity of water, much better than the polymer prepared with the Yellow River water viscosity, viscosity of polymer prepared with distilled water rather.
????Shengli Oilfield deployment of polymer 3 oil and heavy oil thermal recovery steam boiler uses approximately 14 million tons of water clean water. If the application of industrialization, through the production wastewater treatment and reuse, alternative water for considerable resources.
????Shengli Oilfield has now entered the later development stage, the old oil field development tools becoming more and more diversified, the direct problem is to increase oil production wastewater. According to statistics, Shengli Oilfield produced water generated every day more than 700,000 cubic meters, 90% after treatment for reservoir re-injection, the remaining more than 70,000 cubic meters of sewage will be utilized as resources and compliance efflux. In accordance with the 40% conversion rate of the 7 million cubic meters of water depth in theory can all be handled will be 30,000 cubic meters per day of water resources. 3 oil field in addition to meet the deployment of polymer and heavy oil thermal recovery steam boiler water, it can also back for landscape water and other areas of life.
????In the oil production process, on the one hand will produce a lot of water, on the other hand needs plenty of water. Oilfield Produced Water Company on the replica vacheron constantin royal eagle one hand trying to find a way out, on the other hand have to spend money to buy clean water. Industrialization of production wastewater treatment and reuse, will solve this problem. A 2006 data, Sinopec oil production water replica rolex cellini watches for all water companies on average account for about 40% of the amount, the majority of direct water injection for oil field development in the fields of water, thermal recovery process water, 3 times for polymer injection water oil preparation. With the acceleration of the pace of resources, such water will be able to reuse wastewater treatment by the oil substitute.
????Shengli Oilfield produced water resources research and implementation of the project began in the last century. Compared to now, when the treatment process is relatively simple, water use is also limited to heavy oil thermal recovery steam boiler water. "After the adoption of the water resource utilization" of the break, making the formation swiss replica watches of Shengli Oilfield, a more mature air flotation treatment, biological treatment series technology, water resources utilization has expanded to three times the deployment of polymer water oil production. At present, the Shengli Oilfield water resources and the level of the scale, has been waltham riverside maximus online fully able to meet the needs of high water cut oil field development.
????Shengli Oilfield produced water resources as the work of the content of one, "and produced water resource utilization after the" small scale research projects have been completed, researchers began to explore the current operational parameters and economic indicators for further provide the basis fake watch for the promotion of industrialization. I am an expert from China Crafts Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as neon guitar clock , colts neon sign.