(1996 9 replica breguet watches 6 of the Tenth Beijing Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee adopted the Thirtieth Meeting, September 17, 1998 the Beijing Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee of the Eleventh Fifth Meeting of changes March 29, 2002, Beijing People's Congress Standing Committee of the Eleventh Meeting of the 33rd amendment) Chapter I General Provisions First replica rolex datejust watch order to strengthen the city fire prevention, fire prevention and reducing fire hazards, protection of personal, property, public property and public safety, according to "The People's Republic of China Fire Law", combined with the actual city regulations are formulated. Second city administrative area of the organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations (hereinafter referred to as units) and individuals should comply with the regulations. Carry fake ulysse nardin gmt big date for sale out the work of the third fire prevention, anti-consumer combination of the principles, specialized agencies and the principles of combining the people, the implementation of fire safety responsibility. Article governments at all levels responsible cheap tudor mini sub for sale for the administrative areas of fire prevention, fire control work will be incorporated into national economic and social development plans, fire protection work and construction and social development compatible. Fire Safety Committee at all levels of government at the same level under the leadership is responsible for organizing and coordinating the various units within the area of fire prevention. Article governments at all levels should be based on the actual needs of fire prevention, fire and gradually increase the financial investment funds, various channels to raise funds to strengthen the fire facility construction, improve the level of equipment. Article municipal, district and county public security organs of the administrative regions of the fire-fighting exercise supervision and administration, municipal, district and county public security fire control institutions responsible for implementation. Urban planning, construction, municipal administration and other government departments in accordance with their respective duties according to law, good fire prevention. People's Liberation Army units, railway operators, civil aviation, as well as state-owned forests, underground parts of mines fire supervision, in accordance with relevant state regulations, by its competent departments. Fire prevention and fighting of Article VII, is the common responsibility of society as omega constellation for sale a whole. Press, publishing, broadcasting, film and television, propaganda and other departments should take many forms, do a good job on fire prevention, fire safety awareness of citizens. Education, and labor administrative departments shall put fire knowledge into teaching and training. Any unit or individual the right to report, complaints against public fire safety and suppression of acts. Article VIII for the year the city on November 9 Fire Day . Chapter II Organization Fire Article fire brigade organized by the police, fire department full-time, private duty fire and fire brigade composed of the masses, and form replica ulysse nardin marine diver watch a network. Article brigades should enhance business development and technical training, to maintain Fire Equipment , Good equipment at any time make fire prepared; received Fire Alarm Should be rushed to the scene after the effective fire fighting and rescue. Greater fire hazard Article large and medium enterprises, private storage, and as a key state protection of Ancient architecture Group management units should be established in accordance with the relevant provisions of state full-time fire brigade. Full-time fire brigade should be subject to public security fire control institutions, guidance, and command. Article XII of towns and villages can be necessary to establish private fire brigade. Private fire brigade to accept the public security fire control institutions, operational guidance.

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