Recent years, China Machine Components rapid development of foreign trade showed a tendency to bearings, chains, fasteners and other products of export volume and export share growth year after year, in 2007, China's import and export of mechanical products based on items more for the first time the surplus, but we can not fail to note the fact that basic parts of China also exports mainly low value-added products, and some fake rolex masterpiece for sale major equipment for the host and supporting the critical infrastructure is dependent on imported parts, Machine Components Industry Products The Way of the restructuring. Recent years, the Chinese government to improve and optimize the export product mix, have issued a series of policies that on the basis of pieces of machinery import and export of products brought and will bring what kind of impact? Special Issue published in import and export of China's machinery industry experienced expert Mr. Zheng Guowei's article, based on his mechanical status of the import and export items, the impact of the relevant import and export policies were analyzed, and enterprises should take measures to put forward their own views and suggestions. Recent years, the Chinese government issued a series of import and export policy, which aims to improve and optimize the export product mix, improve the quality of exports, increase the technological content and added value of export products, export consolidation order, the way to achieve export growth fundamental changes to improve international competitiveness. At the same time to reduce international trade surplus, promote industrial upgrading, issued to encourage imports of advanced technology and equipment policy. Which import and export of mechanical parts based on the existing policy are: 1. Export tax rebate policy on export tax rebates, is the refund of indirect tax in the country has been (mainly VAT), the purpose is to enable the export of goods to non-domestic indirect access to international market prices, to avoid duplication of cross-border movement of goods Domestic tax collection in order to promote international trade. This is in line with WTO rules, the WTO embodies the principle of non-discrimination and fair trade principles, and has become international practice. Therefore, it is not preferential policies adopted by individual countries, but not subsidies. Approved by the State Council, June 19, 2007, the Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation consultation with the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Customs General Administration, with its tax 2007 90 paper, published "on the lower export tax rebate rate of some commodities notice ", from July 1, 2007 come into effect. Main purpose of this adjustment is to further control the excessive growth of exports, reduce China's foreign trade surplus is too large to bring the outstanding contradictions and improve the export structure, the effect cartier replica watch of high energy consumption, high pollution and resource exports . Machine Components Industry tariff reduction products are 36 species, mainly mechanical parts, namely, metal chain, including the motorcycle roller chain, bicycle roller chain, and other articulated chain, skid chain, on the word link chain, welded chain and various chain components; variety of iron or steel standard fasteners, including screws, nuts and threaded products; various springs, including the automotive, railway vehicle spring, by 13% to 5%; another portable hydraulic power tools (including chain saws) and parts from 17% to 9%. The current export tax rebate rate of Machine Components In addition to the above three products, copper and aluminum standard fasteners, spring 13%; hydraulic components and devices, and pneumatic components and equipment 17%; dies, bearings, seals , hydraulic and pneumatic power valve is 13%. In the future our government will be based on China's industrial policy, import and export trade policies and trade surplus situation, adjust export tax rebate rate. Export tax rebate rate cut will increase the export product cost, cartier pasha c replicas reduced income, the enterprises should improve the export structure, increase export of value-added products.

2. Import and export tariff policy to regulate the import and export tariff and an important means to protect domestic replica blancpain leman watch industries, it also has an important source of revenue. China on December 11, 2001 accession to the WTO, the machinery industry through the 5-year transition period, tariff concessions have quality swiss replica watches been honored. Machinery industry average import tariff level from 18.2% in 2000 down to 12.3% in 2002, of which cheap tag heuer aquaracer machinery products from 14.1% in 2000 down to 9.9% in 2002; cars from 2000 to 43.9% to 26.9%. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as blank pcb Manufacturer , China bga pcb design for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits flexible pcb board.