With Engine Continuously improve buy jaeger lecoultre master compressor the performance of the piston structure change, on the piston Pin Hole accuracy increased. The original King Kong Boring Using alloy pin hole boring tool, and then rolling pin hole; Although the surface roughness of pin hole can reach drawings, rolling pin hole but destroyed the shape precision pin hole, the roundness is generally 0.003 ~ 0.005 mm, not meet requirements of the drawings. To solve this technical problem, domestic general, diamond Boring Tool (Natural diamond cutter boring to 1,200 yuan each, boring diamond knife to 300 yuan for each) forming a bore hole, in order to save money, I am cheap breitling galactic watches now basically fine boring man-made diamond pin hole boring tool boring; pin hole and piston pin round hole is less than 0.003mm, the surface roughness Ra 0.4.

Using artificial diamond pin hole boring tool boring, although the piston pin hole of the round is less than 0.003, but the pin hole of the roughness sometimes fail to drawings. Through design, testing found that affect the precision pin hole roughness boring main factors in the following areas:

1. Boring bar design Pin hole is as fine boring high-speed machining, slight vibration directly affect the surface roughness of the piston pin hole. So boring bar design, require boring bar and the spindle axis is less than 0.01mm, and the boring bar must be cylindrical grinding departments. This ensures high-speed rotating boring bar in the balance, less vibration, eliminating the boring bar itself, the impact of factors directly affect the position of the hole cutter tool mounted card processing tool angle, and therefore boring bar design, requirements knife hole center or knife through the center hole boring bar boring bar center center from a distance, and the knife hole center axis perpendicular to the boring bar to ensure the tool installed card processing tool perspective; and tag heuer fake given the appropriate departments of the shape and position tolerances, reducing the boring bar Replace the pin hole caused by changes in surface roughness. Pin hole of a general cantilever boring bar is longer, therefore the need for stability and strengthen the boring bar heat treatment, this can increase the boring bar of strength, rigidity and reduce the boring bar's deformation, dunhill online enhance the level of surface roughness of the piston pin hole.

2. Boring Cutter Design

franck muller double mystery replicas As diamond, high hardness, difficult process, after many test, a selection tool main technical parameters: tip round solitary R0.5 ~ R1, rake angle of 2.5 ��, tool horn after double angle, fake a lange sohne lange for sale respectively, 8 ��, 15 ��, tool ligament 0.2mm, tool around the flank roughness Ra0.1 m, at 30 times Magnifier Observed, blade crack no gap. After the piston pin hole through processing, marketing Kongyuan measured is less than 0.003mm, the surface roughness is less than Ra0.4. In recent years, by using the same equipment, the same machining process parameters, on the 50 man-made diamond Boring usage tracking statistics, the results are as follows I am a professional writer from China Crafts Suppliers, which contains a great deal of information about portable basketball stand , basketball net backboard, welcome to visit!