Cosmetic product packaging must both protective, functional and decorative, the Trinity is the future direction of development of cosmetics packaging. Neglect any one replica daniel jean richard watch could affect the development of the brand cosmetics. And because the unique nature of the cosmetics industry, cosmetics packaging, the appearance of consumers become increasingly demanding, in shopping centers or supermarkets, who in the first of many brand to attract consumers, and took their eye enough to grab a bigger market replika rolex opportunities. L'Oreal, the world's leading cosmetics company, a factory's annual output of more than 100 million. This high volume production of high labeling requirements, labels stickers printed cheap rolex watches form must be printed volumes to the volume and automated high speed production. To L'Oreal, the overpack labels before printing in the main screen printing, such as printed on glass or plastic bottle. Now shift mostly by screen printing stickers, film label materials, the demand is growing rapidly. Also asked more and more high technology content, previously only available to screen printed on the bottle body in the form of a single pattern can now offset and flexo printing, etc. are complex and beautiful color results. Daily chemical industry, the film-like material used in the production of high-end labels on products. Film class materials, PE because of its unique softness and is suitable for very soft paste in their need for frequent extrusion of HDPE bottle body; in many transparent PET bottles, choose their own transparent BOPP quit good results plastic material will reach a "no label" full transparency effects; such as iRiver's proprietary development of polyolefin film, a direction, soft, anti-extrusion, the other party up there a good stiffness, smooth paste for large area standard, is very suitable for producing contact lens care products and a variety of hoses in the label. Cosmetics label development As cosmetic differences in the shape of the particularity fake e howard watch co series v for sale and, more irregularly shaped surfaces. Therefore, the material on the label requirements, demanding labels on cosmetics and the body can be a good fit. And to avoid air bubbles, labels Qiqiao phenomenon. In addition, because the post printing paper, ink, printing and other features to change the label itself, change the physical properties, it is difficult applications in deformable bottle, such as cosmetics or plastic bottles of shampoo, and in the the use of future needs are often squeezed. This requires a very soft, very special labels to fit. Furthermore, mass industrial production is automatic labeling requirements to require labeling of a standard of very good, which they label our requirements contradict the characteristics of longines copies soft light, how to coordinate the unity of the two is still need to label the efforts of raw material suppliers. In addition, the tag, the lack of industry organizations. With the market's increased demand labeling products, the label industry also began to intensify market competition, but because of the lack of trade labeling organizations, such as the coordination of industry technical associations, resulting in poor information flow within the industry, but also hindered the label printing technology and equipment development. Label printing deficiencies Label printing business is relatively small-scale, decentralized investment status, leading to label market in technology, price, service a chaotic situation there. Yangtze River Delta region, especially in such a plethora of small labels plant. But I believe as the market matures, large scale, the rise and growth of specialized companies, the cartier knockoff overall level of label printing industry will have more to upgrade, including technology, equipment and vendor integration. Prepress weak
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