"As long as the local production of Chinese herbal medicines, there Bozhou people to buy, as long as traditional Chinese medicine market, where there fake columbus watch co are people in business Bozhou, Anhui Bozhou medicine dealers 'buy the country, selling the country' marketing pattern has taken shape." October 25 , Bozhou Yin, deputy secretary of municipal party committee to visit in an interview with some pride: "Now, even many foreign investors have come to Chinese herbal medicines are Bozhou gold digging. " ????According to reports, in recent years, has completed the primitive accumulation of Bozhou drug manufacturers set their sights on the deep processing of Chinese herbal medicine, to Herbal Pieces, Chinese medicine extraction and production of active ingredients to be effective. ????In the ancient city of Bozhou, Chinese Herbal Pieces factories springing up in less than two years time, 34 pharmaceutical companies break ground, 18 put into operation, of which 14 received GMP (Good Manufacturing fake howard series Practice) certification, 23 enterprises producing license, there are 12 under construction. Bozhou Shanghai Qiao Pieces Pieces of Chinese medicine works undertaken by state-level high-tech demonstration project was completed, one by the primary processing of Chinese herbal medicine to the modern Chinese medicine production system taking shape. ????Number of well-known traditional Chinese medicine companies also Bozhou favoring both drugs have in hand, Beijing Tong Ren Tang (Quote, forums), Shanghai Lei Yun Shang, Jiangxi grass coral, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain and so on a large number of well-known enterprises to invest. In the domestic investors are optimistic about this piece of land of golden, while abroad the machine off from the gold rush, a group of China-South Korea joint venture, Sino-US joint venture of Chinese medicine production enterprises in Bozhou settle, even far from merchants in the Americas, Ecuador is also Yuandu oceans, the gold went to Chinese herbal medicines Bozhou excavation. ????Yin visit said that now, Bozhou Chinese Herbal Pieces produced more than 2,000 varieties of annual output of Chinese Herbal Pieces five thousand tons of annual processing Chinese herbal extract two thousand tons, can be said that the National Chinese Herbal Pieces Bozhou have one-third of the world. 2010, Bozhou GMP certification will be built through the hampden on sale processing enterprises in 40 Chinese Herbal Pieces, Chinese Herbal Pieces replica franck muller conquistador watch annual processing capacity of up to 15 million metric tons, 50,000 tons of Chinese medicine extract above, into the national management of Approval No. 60 varieties of Chinese Herbal Pieces above, the formation of a group of intellectual property rights Pieces variety of brand-name. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as China Pvc Butterfly Valve , Butterfly Valve fake rolex cellini for sale Manufacturer Manufacturer for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits Pneumatic Butterfly bedat co no fake watches Valve.