This year, Tonghua municipal government attaches great importance to the Urban Political Consultative Conference of the 2009 Wine Industry Development of the city's 10 recommendations, the municipal government to entrust the City Council and the public letter to promote the wine industry groups and other related departments to conduct a careful handling and implementation. On "Improving the 'wine city' construction of emphasis" proposal. Relevant departments of the municipal government in accordance with the cheap patek philippe aquanaut watches municipal government the requirements of the major leaders around the research structure, promoting technological innovation, promoting industrial cartier santos dumont replica watches leap, leap wine industry has developed initiatives in order to promote the wine, the city building. At the same time, set up by the municipal government is responsible for executive leadership, relevant departments involved in the wine industry leading group jumped plan, combined with "Shier Wu" planning the establishment, is researching and compiling the wine industry in development planning. Expected that by 2012, preliminary estimates of wine production in the city of 8 million tons, an average annual increase 50.8%; output value reached 1 billion yuan. About "The Government take the stage for enterprises to rebuild the image of Tonghua Wine" and "the establishment of Tonghua Wine Association, the implementation of government help, industry self-regulation to promote the wine industry cluster development" proposal. Municipal Government considers it necessary to set up wine, chambers of commerce or associations as a platform, bringing together government, business, financial and insurance institutions and farmers together to play the whole advantage of a reasonable share fake graham silverstone brawn gp watches of the achievements of the best interests of the producing areas. At present, the city government are actively working with the city's leading enterprises and key enterprises wines communicate and negotiate, in accordance with our communities, civil society organizations, relevant laws, regulations, and actively carry out preparatory work for the Association. With regard to "speed up the upgrading of wine varieties, planting base of steady development" proposal. Set Wo is the city's Liuhe concentrated grape growing regions, the municipal government have been identified as Ba Ji Wo Liuhe Tonghua grape quality mountain national agricultural standardization demonstration zone, vigorously promote the fine of grape varieties, planting, fertilizing, watering, picking and other sectors to develop a series of management standards and regulatory system, for brewing high-grade, high-quality organic wine products to provide quality raw materials, raw replica blancpain gmt watches materials to ensure that the overall level of wine, a comprehensive manner. At present, Liu Heshan Industrial Park, grape characteristics, work through the letter of the provincial Office of cheap patek philippe chronometro gondolo the expert review, a provincial-level characteristics park. The park is planning a total investment 9 billion, has completed an investment of 550 million yuan. On "how to solve the match-fixing" proposal. To help solve the false will fight, counterfeiting well and to avoid "playing the fake ruined real" problem, the city government has mapped out specific measures. First Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision issued to the existing wine industry, market access cards, access card business has not been allowed to market their products; Second, conduct a serious investigation does not meet production conditions, the product business, but closed to prevent the transfer of business to the field substandard product quality inspection departments to escape the supervision and inspection; third is strictly off the approval to raise the access threshold for wine producers, production technologies do not have the right conditions, that without a stable source of raw materials are not approved. Currently, the Quality Supervision Bureau has issued a "city on the wine, fruit wine, and bottled water manufacturing industry concentrated rectification actions to implement the program," a total of 90 inspection companies, investigate and deal with illegal cases of 16, banned the 15 wines and wine replica watches daniel roth le sentier producer. I am an expert from , while we provides the quality product, such as Wrist Watch Mobile Phone , China Windows Mobile Phones, Wrist Watch Mobile Phone,and more.