As we know, people are an important part of a project's success. The projects are resource constrained. The management of the human resources on a project has a major impact on the project's success or failure. However, the project manager must also be sensitive to the unique needs of the project environment and as to how this general knowledge is applied in a different breguet heritage for sale way than in the operational environment of replica watches cheap the ongoing enterprise. 1. The temporary nature of projects means that personal and organizational relationships generally will also be temporary and, quite often, new. Staff-related project management processes must address these transient relationships. 2. Both the nature and number of gerald genta retro sport on sale people involved in a project change replica cartier pasha c as the project moves through its life cycle. For example, initially there will be limited number of staff in the project and it moves along more staff will be inducted into the project. Staff management processes must recognize and address these changing needs. 3. Human resource management activities are often split between project management and other managers within the performing organization. The scope cartier cougar watches for sale of responsibility of the project manager may lie somewhere between: (a) An extended responsibility, including the selection of sourcing organizations, obtaining staff and performance assessment. (b) A limited responsibility focused on coordination with the permanent roles outside the project such as the cheap armand nicolet functional manager, the resource deployment manager and the people development manager. All the parties must understand and carefully adhere to the division of responsibilities that is in force. All the processes here must be carefully interpreted based on the actual distribution of responsibilities between the project manager and the other roles.