The second half of 2006, a miniature remote control toy helicopters swept the country, it is the Silverlit toy manufacturer famous company developed " Little Queen Bee "remote control helicopter. In its one-year period after the listing, all kinds of counterfeit goods after another, and flooding the market, serious damage to the company Interests, but also disrupted the normal order of the toy market. Rights violations manufacturers to throttle the spread of these situations, with a number of patented technology Silver rose from the company in 2007 to fight, to the large number of those who make, declare war cartier pasha seatimer online on pirates. The following is a Silver Company in August 21, 2007 release of Victoria Right notice reads as follows: breitling cockpit replica ? Silverlit Toys ManufactoryLimited Silverlit Toys Manufactory Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Silver"), is a company Established in accordance with the law firm, specializing in the design, manufacture and sell remote control toys, including miniature remote control helicopter toy "PicooZ" (Chinese version points "HoneyBee Little King Bee", "PicooZ Perak cool here")
Silverlit through time exploring the research and technological innovation, continuous improvement of design and manufacture of "PicooZ" wing of the main blade, tail rotor wing systems ( The following collectively, the "propeller-wing system"), to protect the interests of companies and consumers, Silver has been successfully registered all over the world line the wing blade President of the invention patents, design patents and copyrights. Silver is the propeller-wing system is the sole legal copyright owner. Recently found that the market Silverlit toy helicopters, there have been some of its "wing propeller system" and "PicooZ" a "propeller-wing system," the same. In response, Silver will take legal action to put an end to all forms of violations. And against the production or sale of the system containing the propeller-wing flight Materials producers, trading companies and retail companies. marion watch co for sale 2007 6 20, Silverlit court in favor of the United States and issued a permanent injunction, a permanent ban on the sale or promotion to Under the product, and order the infringer to compensate Silverlit 200,000 U.S. dollars. 2007 6 26, Silverlit complaints in the three trading companies in Hong Kong High Court: replica iwc der flieger for sale 10000 Source Enterprises, Hanson remote control technology research and development limited Companies and Jun Yi Holding Group violated the propeller-wing system of patents. Court June 29, 2007 issue interim order prohibiting the Above three defendants, their distribution partner and its directors and three helicopters, remote control toys. In addition, the success of China Chenghai District of Shantou City, complaints and penalties for the following manufacturers: Date punishment and penalty complaint rolex yacht master for sale manufacturer name 2007 1 29 messaging Daily Plastic Factory 2007 7 16 Guangyi Huai Hing Plastic Toys Factory 2007 7 replica rolex datejust royal black watch 16 Cheng Du Plastic Toys Co., Ltd. In Europe and many countries, Silverlit and local customs cooperation, successfully intercepted infringement helicopter, stopping the flow of European and other markets. Solemnly declare Silverlit: PicooZ of any changes to the system blade wing shape of the industry are violations. To protect the copyright, Silverlit customers And consumer interests, Silverlit will use legal means to sanction the production or sale of infringing helicopter toy company or individual. If any companies, distributors or consumers find violations, welcomed the report. Silverlit Toys Manufactory Ltd. 2007 8 21 [Keyword Search]: Silverlit ? Remote Control Helicopter ? Toys Rights Large ? In ? Small The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as mechanical wrist watch , skeleton mechanical watch, and more. For more , please visit skeleton mechanical watch today!