By the breitling replica eta financial crisis, China's machinery industry growth rate fell to nearly 7-year low. However, with the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization of planning the implementation of national strategies, the equipment manufacturing industry has entered a new historical period of development.

Recently held in the city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang province of intelligent appliances and equipment manufacturing forum, participants agreed that China's equipment manufacturing industry in order to continue to do a "good life" and must carry out restructuring and upgrading, while the smart appliances will become its transformation and upgrading of the The new engine, to help achieve the equipment manufacturing industry into China from China, "chi" rigged.

China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president of Cai Wei-Tze, the overall point of view, is currently China's machinery industry, "high-end could eat, low enough to eat," is very sharp contradictions, namely, the high-end equipment, room for development is great, but the breakthrough in high-end equipment independently of the subjective and objective difficulties are significant barriers. In the low-end equipment, although a clear comparative advantage, but its rapid growth momentum can not be a long-term continuity of development of the industry must find support for power, greater reliance on technology upgrades.

It is said that China Chint Group, represented by some well-known electronics companies, but also from the economic crisis, saw the industrial development of the constraints of the Department, proposed the development of intelligent appliances to industrial upgrading and new ideas.

"I understand where the 'intelligence' is a broader-end (both high-tech, but also high quality) another expression, which marks the Chint is committed to transformation and upgrading, is a comprehensive high-end products to speed up the pace of development This is undoubtedly a perfect fit with the current situation in the industry. "Cai Wei puts it.

It is understood that the concept of intelligent appliances first appeared in 1985, China's first smart appliances was born in 1997. Smart appliances are generally four structural characteristics: controller microprocessor, with a status indicator module, with a measurement module, with a communication module. Intelligent Electric has six functional characteristics, namely, protection and control functional; real-time measurement, display electrical parameters; fault recording and display; internal fault self-diagnosis; electrical work status indicator, life instructions; two-way real-time communication and network capabilities.

Shanghai Electric Appliance Research Institute of the Special Adviser He Ruihua pointed out that China's third generation of the main low-voltage electrical current is basically intelligent, can replicas rolex communicate and network. China may be communication, network-based appliances to keep up with the development piaget dancer replica of the replica cuervo y sobrinos habana torpedo basic corum spartacus online trend of world development, but can be communication, network-based appliances applications has just started to play smart appliances are not yet fully functional, the system remains the gap between complementary nature of some key technologies, products, core technology, bus the agreement, the main station and there are still a wide gap between foreign countries.

He Ruihua believe that with our smart grid construction and promotion, will bring new opportunities for smart appliances. Smart grid will accelerate the construction of power grid network, information technology, digital process, but as a low-voltage distribution network primarily low-voltage electrical appliances --- must be breitling galactic fake watches comprehensive intelligent. With the further development of smart appliances, smart grid will also continue to develop appropriate standards and implementation, will further promote the development and application of smart appliances.

Tianjin Institute of Electric Drive Design Chung Ming Zhen said, intelligence, miniaturization, high performance, the use of performance and security, high reliability, maintenance-free, pay attention to environmental protection, has become the world's development trend of complete sets of equipment. China must effectively absorb the world's advanced ideas, experience, technology, etc., to high-quality, high value-added replacement products, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. The field of advanced technology to the world at the same time move closer to achieving their industrial upgrading. I am an expert from China Home Appliances, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as corner cabinet doors , folding kitchen carts.