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Penny auctions start their items at a penny, then every time you bid the price goes up another penny and a clock starts to tick down from 20 seconds or so. If the clock runs out and you're the last bidder you win! What replica piaget for sale happens if you don't win though or how many losers were there for each winner? Well, the bids you purchase to bid on the item are what you lose so at $0.60 a pop it doesn't sound like much but if you are determined to win an item and continue to bid until you do win omega replica watch then that cost can add up, plus if another bidder is just as determined as you someone will win and someone will lose. For every penny auction winner there could be potentially hundreds and even thousands of losers (depending on the popularity of the item and the number of people bidding) so that could be a potential downside. A newer online auction platform that rivals penny auctions is the no reserve, sealed bid, lowest single bid wins breitling superocean heritage for sale platform. These are preferable or superior to penny auctions, because you can bid what you want instead of fighting it out with someone else using clocks, but they do lack the action involved in the timers and bidding wars that break out in penny auctions. The reason that a sealed bid auction is better is that a bidder bids cheap gerald genta retro solo for sale what they feel it takes to win the auction and in most cases the auction closes when a certain number of bids are placed, much like a government auction process. Also, one site in particular allows the losing bidders to receive their bids back in the form of voucher bids. Penny auctions could never offer this type of consumer incentive with the way their model works. In a lowest unique bid situation the bidder will place one or multiple bids for any amount they choose (of course having a strategy works best) and cartier santos demoiselle online they will instantly know if their bids are the lowest single bid, a unique but not the lowest bid or if they just blocked out someone who had the lowest single bid. On average the savings are better than penny auctions because each bidder has more control and they know instantly if they could win or not. The biggest advantage or why they replica franck muller conquistador watch are better than penny auctions is because the replacement with voucher bids. If a bidder uses 10 bids in an auction and doesn't win, when the auction does close the bidder gets 10 voucher bids to use in any active auctions. Penny auctions are fun and are billed as entertainment shopping. There is no doubt that the casino style action of penny auctions is appealing for a lot of folks who like to get deep discounts on popular name brand items, however the best alternative to a penny auction site that has a more fair and balanced approach to bidding with no downside on losing bids is the no reserve, sealed bid, lowest single bid wins online auction. The savings are the same or better than penny auctions without the fear of losing bids and money. All auction users should use caution when using penny auctions and please don't waste your bids.