HC HVAC & R Network ?In the fierce market competition, how to create maximum profits to development, which is every solar companies are seriously considering the issue. At present, the rapid rise in the solar industry, large and small manufacturers around 4000, while the really big manufacturers only dozens. Choose what kind of factory, Proxy What kind of brand, it is very important for solar dealers. Strength of large manufacturers, guaranteed sale, dealers can protect their hard-earned development of the market, development prospects, but the prices are correspondingly high. However, this also depends on the local level of consumption, if the low level of local consumption, a large selection of brand customer base is small, to have great difficulties in the development of a larger, unless there sell baume mercier watches is a large developer or government departments support. Large selection of middle-brand manufacturers are well done, guaranteed sale, the face of middle-class consumers, customers great development potential, but also face a more rural market, a wide space for development. Only select the brand, to long-term development. Solar water heaters 80% of the aftermarket parts to protection by the election is very important accessories. How to choose solar energy devices? Solar instrument is the heart of the whole solar-powered water heaters, solar water heater operation headquarters, solar pay, insulation, heating and other functions controlled by it. If the quality of solar energy devices are not reliable, no end of trouble. The original bell-style controller for solar energy devices, display replaced with a bright spot. After the 2002 launch of large-screen color LED digital display, full Chinese display running status, to fill the domestic solar industry in this area instrument blank, triggering a major solar instrumentation industry changes. Solar instrument consists of three parts: The host can be divided into a semi-automatic controller, automatic control and full intelligent controller. DC and AC automatic controller has two types of simple and inexpensive, the main function: water level settings, temperature and water level display, full of dry water Alarm . Automatic control device by a solenoid valve sensor and the host composition, the main features include semi-automatic controller, there are automatic Sheung Shui, Sheung Shui, water, time Sheung Shui, Sheung Shui, low water pressure and pipe insulation function, general instruments are anti- Running water features. Whole host intelligent controller with sensors and solenoid valves, including fake watches not only the function, as well as intelligent heating, heating time, smart water, regular water supply, power failure memory function, some of the water level meter also features constant temperature constant. Host quality time with the mold thickness of 30 microns or less, no pressure-sensitive resistors, easy to lightning, the electrical wire inside the square is not enough, easy to leakage serious consequences. Times too high temperature transformer instrument, easy buy ulysse nardin watches to burn and Explosion . Times vacheron constantin online the chip lead program disorder, anti-jamming poor, prone to crashes. 2 for the probe under the material can be classified into stainless steel probe and silicone probe. Stainless steel probe of stainless steel jacket heat shrinkable tubes and heat-sensitive resistor. The quality of a probe mainly depends on the quality of its quality with the heat shrink tube. Solar water heaters in each of 5 to 10 months, the water temperature in 80 replica zenith defy classic open watches ~ 100 , heat shrink tubes and plastic tubes are composed of plastic itself is volatile, volatile at a high temperature adhesive and control the quality of life is the basic stainless steel probe Once glue or pipe leaking, damaged thermistor probe scrap, instrument failure occurred. The best thermal resistance with an accuracy of one per cent, their material life decisions. Soft silicone sensor is divided into two kinds of silica gel and hard gel sensors. The external sensor is a silicone gel and Activated Carbon Composition. The quality of silicon sensor fake rolex sea dweller watches quality decisions on silica gel and activated carbon sticky and sex. The sensor is bad sticky and easy to crack, resulting in the probe transmission signal denial or failure. General probe for the four core lines of stainless steel, silicone probe for the two cores. 3 for the solenoid valve by the meter manufacturers on behalf of the general election, there is only back on behalf of the filter, which coil is better compliance. How to choose solar energy with tropical? The first tropical

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