Construction and operation of network television for the new media development has injected new vitality. UT Starcom veteran industry experts, Mr. Yang Jing, chief scientist found that chopard imperiale replica the construction of network television media trends in the evolution of the triple play, digital TV, mobile TV, IPTV and Internet TV station audio inevitable trend of development of new media. Network TV station : New applications of new technologies open up new market space for new models ? UT Starcom chief scientist of Mr. Yang Jing Tan Network TV Development and operation HC TV Network December 20, 2008, Li Changchun, Politburo Standing Committee "to mark the birth of Television China Central Television station owes cum 50th anniversary of" the speech said, "to strengthen the networks and television and accelerate the construction reflected the national level, in international China has an important influence on national network television, television production and innovation networks Make Model to encourage original programming, enhanced interactivity, to attract Internet users to upload and download large graphic health Network Video , To maximize the influence of mainstream media, online video new position occupied. "Time to enter 2009, the audio-visual New Media Into a higher level of development, in particular the construction and operation of the network television for the new media development has injected new vitality. UT Starcom veteran industry experts, Mr. Yang Jing, chief scientist found that the construction of network television Media The trend of the evolution of the triple play, digital TV, mobile TV, IPTV audio-visual and television websites inevitable trend of development of new media. UT Starcom chief scientist Yang (HC extensive network allocation map) One, network television, the future direction of new media "Network television" has long been the argument, but more important is the original site or TV station Video Web site . But after about 2009, network television has a new technical architecture and operations. So, what network TV station? Yang believes that network television is an Internet-based technologies, aggregation of existing television programs, media content and massive information database of Internet content, via the Internet, Cable television Network, wireless network and broadband network, mobile network users to the computer, television and mobile phone users with new user interactive programs, new media platforms. Network television stations will Audio and Video Production capabilities, content resources and ability to integrate the Internet information services, and the integration of new content and new business through the broadcast network, Internet, IPTV and mobile networks push TV, computers and mobile devices. Today, the "network television" has become a blend of numerous technologies and applications and provides a variety of value-added business service system platform. Meanwhile, network television has become a focus of building the new media broadcasting major tasks. 2009 1 month, Secretary for the National Conference on Radio Television, Film and Television Wang Taihua Secretary, Zhang Haitao, deputy director of new media have made the current construction of the main tasks: First, accelerate the development of network radio, television, radio and television stations to become a major force in the development of radio and television networks; second, pushing the development of mobile multimedia broadcasting. If Minister Li's remarks only to determine the current levels of new media, radio and TV direction, then the SARFT Taihua, Zhang Haitao the two Secretaries will promote network television to practice from concept stage. It was reported that CCTV network will broadcast the Olympic network produced and accumulated rich experiences, from content development, technology planning, communication coverage, personnel and so on, in strengthening the famous couplet video site investigation work preparation based on the planning network television programs, national network television to determine replica gerald genta sport for sale location, building the overall goals and phased implementation steps; continue to accelerate construction of the world's mirror site, and start the construction of online video sharing platform to promote the development of network television. At the same time, China Education Television Network television has completed the technical institution-building, China Radio International has achieved a variety of media produced and broadcast systems integration build. Yang said: "The network stations, which contains a significant market opportunity, is the inevitable trend of the further development of IPTV." In fact, newspaper groups around the print media with audio and video media, Web graphics iwc big pilot watches for sale and full-service business model panerai swiss replica pressure, many local stations have already begun print, radio and television, and network integration operation of the audio and video service radio and television networks have begun, and telecom operators to develop mobile TV services, network television has been showing prototype.

Yang also pointed out that although the complete structure of the current network television is not clear enough, but, according to SARFT building the spirit and the CCTV network television network, China Education Television, China Radio International, Fenghuang Wang actual operation of institutions such as experience, has been basically confirmed the main operations, operational platform and libraries funded under the media-based production, broadcasting and information sharing are three main aspects. Accordingly, network television currently is the main business of Internet TV stations around the audio and video departments, namely the original television and radio stations website; network television transmission platform will provide video and audio media, network integration services, will print media, broadcast audio and video media, advertising media, Internet media, interactive television buy universal geneve and mobile media reunification of the operation; network TV will combine television and Internet information resources, media assets, and to support media assets between the entities and information sharing and exchange of information and the production of radio and television broadcast media a fused; full service multimedia production and broadcast environment, business processes and manage the integration process. Yang said: "These changes and trends in the development of new media will change the way forward." I am ebel for sale an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as metal cutting machines Manufacturer , China metal cutting machine, slitter,and more.