Closed after 20 days, store decoration, Yangzhou Five Star supermarkets yesterday revealed the true face of Lushan. Reporter learned yesterday from Five Star, in order to meet the supermarkets 4? 14 "reinstall" opened, including the Hanjiang River, Gaoyou, Jiangdu, Yizheng, Baoying 5 Five Star supermarkets, will also carry out the "get over" promotions. Among them, Yangzhou Five Star supermarkets launch of the "shopping back now," gift, is bound to trigger a new round of Young Town Appliance price war. Five Star: "Shopping is now back to" Die Another Day 4? 14 hypermarkets reload Yangzhou Five Star opened, in addition to the implementation of "back to shopping now," to attract consumers, Five Star will also resorted to the usual promotional killer?? Home appliances reserve price sales. 7 pm last night, reporters at the site of Five Star decoration, refurbishment replica watches tag heuer link of the store's showcase decorated both stylish and humane, new TV, computer, electric vehicles, such as sales area, operating more species rich. Zhao Jun, general manager of Five Star supermarkets Yangzhou told reporters, as used in the newly renovated mall is three-dimensional transparent design concept, therefore, exposure to Five Star Shopping malls will give rise to a kind of feel like to enjoy. This can be described in Yang City, the exclusive, leading a new wave of home appliance market. Zhao concord replica analysis, as Five Star reload before closing shop, creating a three-day fire sale of goods over 1900 million miracle. Tremendous potential to stimulate the peer appliance fake elgin veritas watch consumption. Therefore, Suning, China Mei-Cai have selected April 14 as Dianqing, reloading opening day. "They want to eat with the Five Star Appliance market share with points," Zhao said, "but Five Star will not allow them to easily achieve the vision." He said, in the same commodity, with price competition based on the five-star will take "shopping back now" approach, to defend the city in Yang's home appliance sales industry leader status. It said "shopping is back" at least 900 sub-options to send send 950,12000 300,9000 120,3000 send send send 1250,18000 1850 five-level, rate of return is 12%. 40 million of goods "reserve price" promotion deal is off "4? 14" period, in order to ensure that supply will not be looting the consumers buy, Yangzhou five-star enabled appliances has been ahead of two more than 1500 square meters of temporary storage, to pile up just outside the town stream appliances arrived Yang products. Zhao told the reporter, stacked in a warehouse two temporary total price of home appliances more than 4,000 million, enough to satisfy the needs of rural and urban consumers. He also told this reporter, in order to achieve the desired effect of resonance consumption, five-star appliances to the Han River with its river, Jiangdu, Yizheng, Baoying, Gaoyou five supermarkets also carry out the bertolucci replicas reserve price promotions. Then, people cheap tourneau for sale just go to malls, Yangzhou Five Star, you can get six eggs a gift of joy. The telephone reservation shopping, people can receive 100 cash voucher. [Keyword Search]: Five Star ? Best Buy ? States United States Large ? In ? Small I am an expert from , while we breguet classique online provides the quality product, such as fuel oil piping , oil casing pipe, fuel oil piping systems,and more.