Leo is a fire sign and shares its element with Aries and Sagittarius. This is a very good place to start when looking for star sign matches as you will have many things in common with fellow fire signs. Leo/Aries. This is a very hot and full of fire pairing. You both have so much energy there will be more sparks than at a bonfire display. You are both very creative souls and will help and support each other. Aries may not be accustomed to someone who is as powerful as themselves, but they will relish it. There maybe a problem if this Aries thinks they are going to lead the relationship, there is only one leader when a Leo is in the room. Sexually there will be constant fireworks��and bells and whistles too! Best match: Any Aries will fit the bill. Love star sign rating: Supa Nova! replica watches bell ross chronograph Leo/Sagittarius. You will get along like a house on fire. From the moment you meet it will be like you have been friends forever. But more than this you will be soul mates. An intimacy and understanding will be shared that is like no other you have known. Sagittarius can be brutally honest but you will like this and never be offended. You will travel well together. Sexually you will feel that there is nothing better. Best matsh: 14 to 21 Dec Love star sign rating: Cosmic! The next best place to find star sign matches is in the element that is compatible with you. Leo is fire and fire is compatible with air zenith el primero grand date replica which contains: Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Leo/Gemini. Gemini make great friends with Leo. they fulfill you with their intellect and emotions. You need to balance your desires for centre stage if you are to succeed as a couple as Gemini needs the spotlight too, though not as desperately as you do. If you can focus the Gemini mind on what is important you could go far. Sexually you will be a good match. fake franck muller conquistador watch Best match: Gemini born 14 to 21 June Love star sign rating: Could work, with work! Leo/Libra. Air and fire can be a very good combination for the long-term, you will have no problem communicating with each other. Together you will be the life and soul of any party or gathering and may find that wherever you are you seem to be surrounded by admirers who are simply feeding off the energy that you two supply. Sexually you will be well matched and it should be loving and fulfilling. Best match: Libra born 5 to 12 Oct Love star sign rating: In orbit! Leo/Aquarius. You are a hot fire sign and very social and outgoing, Aquarius are toy watch fake less inclined to react in the same way and may find your constant desire to be the centre of attention simply too much. Compromise is going to be required from both sides if you are not going to be constantly opposing each other. Aquarius is your opposite sign but this can often be a good pairing. Sexually you will not have problems getting along. Best match: Aquarius born 21 to 29 Jan Love star sign rating: Will take some work! We have one more category to deal with here and that is conjunction which occurs when two star signs that are the same come together. Leo/Leo. There is a lot of heat and power in this combination. This will either take you to another universe or it will crash and burn at your feet. The big problem is dominance. Who is buy e howard watch co series v going to be the top dog? If you can compromise and get beyond your self-centred pride then the result could be staggering. Sexually you are on fire. Best match: Leo born 7 to 15 Aug Love star sign rating: worth a punt! replica panerai radiomir 8th second star sign compatibility