Concept Forum "in Guangzhou, replica illinois a lincoln for sale South China University of Architecture Design and Research Institute opens its doors. The forum is following the Shanghai Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station by the Government, experts and scholars from industry and customer recognition and praise, the continuation in Guangzhou.

That day, the leadership of China National Furniture Association, furniture and construction industry experts, many experienced designers enterprises, government procurement, as well as the mainstream media to come together to discuss ECOOFFICE (green office space) in the future development. Aurora Furniture Liaodeng Xi General Manager was welcomed by the Guangdong Association executive vice president Wang Ke family, co-Secretary-General in Guangzhou Chuang standard home, the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Dean Tong Huiming and other leaders also attended the forum. Theme activities, South China University of Architecture Design and Research Fellow He Jingtang about "Expo China Pavilion design", the furniture industry experts Xu lighting consultants share the "green office vision," Aurora said, Stalks Furniture Design Center High Commissioner to provide "green Furniture Solutions ECOSOLUTION ", he shares his ECO PLUS + environmentally friendly, while highlighting new market environment?? Yu Yu of China and the world X chair.

Line with the theme of environmental protection activities, activities the scene of bamboo trees decorate the green natural ambience, and specially designed the "bamboo" for guests sign in, highlight the green environmental protection. Meanwhile, close to Aurora furniture and environmental protection activities in this fashion tone, start the ceremony quite bright, the leadership patek philippe hourglass replica watches and the main guests holding glass device, with the green liquid to the hollow "ECOOFFICE" fill, head of Aurora furniture tables and X chair model slowly increased. Green symbolizes the environmental, will be injected into the meaning of so many representatives of the green container furniture, among Aurora, Aurora made a symbol of environmental protection furniture health. In addition, in order to fit the theme, the scene of green tea are mainly Food The main, all materials are non-polluting, pollution, safety, quality, nutritional food.

Aurora furniture, general manager of Mr. Liao Dengxi said that buy patek philippe neptune with the human development model of its own continuous self-examination, ecology and sustainable development initiatives in recent years, environmental protection, green, energy saving, low-carbon and a series of topics, not only for furniture industries, enterprises are familiar, but also as consumers pursue the consumer concept. Aurora brand strength of leadership and professional design themes initiated ECOOFFICE cheap jaeger lecoultre reverso for sale forum membership by the event, looking in Office Furniture Construction of a broader industry communication platform, providing a professional designer with an interactive learning opportunities, to stimulate more and better office space in creative environment to promote ECOOFFICE concept of Qi Liwei protection of human harmony.

To later, in March 2010 Aurora furniture will be exhibiting at International Furniture Fair, to promote its ECOPLUS + concept buy corum gold piece (that is higher than Aurora furniture combines the standard European and Japanese environmental standards, the initiative "by, thrift, Jane "The 3R concept of environmental protection). I am a professional writer from China Telecommunications, which contains a great deal of best copy program information about chalcedony beads , glass heart beads, welcome to visit!