Industry vitality, it is worth attention and favorable long-term. The steady improvement in profitability is Medicine Stocks continued strong internal drive. The future by industrialization, urbanization, population aging, disease changes and changes in the ecological environment factors, Drugs Demand will continue to give the rigid characteristics of rapid economic growth of the lung power of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The new medical reform, the government will increase investment in health care spending, health care coverage, expanding, and will further accelerate the release of the public health care needs. Economic recovery process, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries will undoubtedly boost the domestic demand is a priority. We expect the future will demonstrate the pharmaceutical industry, vigorous and ambitious territory, the industry deserves attention and long-term bullish. Pattern of different areas of the market expansion is not a banquet of equal opportunity. However, the medical reform also means the restructuring of industrial layout, rules, renewal, companies will subvert the old order to seek new, market expansion is by no means equal opportunity feast. The pharmaceutical sub-sectors within the industry areas of differentiation in various businesses will show a different pattern of competition. From industry profitability, return on equity (ROE) to enhance the perspective of analysis, we directly benefit more promising drugs in the pharmaceutical needs of the terminal speed amplification chemicals industry Traditional Chinese medicine Industry; the unity of medical reform in the intensive bidding, the fastest large-scale upgrade, the profitability of the commercial flow of trade elasticity; benefit from the medical reform the equalization of basic public health services, bio-technology in the field of diagnostic reagents and the vaccine industry. Other API Follow-up investment opportunities in the industry still: bulk API fat-soluble vitamins in an oligopoly industry next year Export Recovery process, the profitability is expected to resume; in the global generics coming "golden age", features API industry will face even greater opportunities for development. Future health care reform a major policy change, industrial and commercial enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, access to products, brands, technology, channels, and the rapid increases in core competitiveness, will be the inevitable trend of development the industry, so the 2010 merger and reorganization within the industry is still is our focus. Key recommendations and concerns of the company: replica franck muller crazy hours watch the new medical reform, the high-end drug demand rigidity, elasticity of demand for basic drugs.

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