Changhong Multimedia Marketing Center, China Su Huan: "In the context of the global financial crisis, at the expense of profits for the market is undesirable." ? "Skyworth TV Price provocative play "his brother" flat response " Comments: A while ago Skyworth announced 37-inch LCD TV Prices fell to 2,999 yuan from 3,999 yuan, eye-popping. LCD TV Skyworth attempt to pull the "spring wars." However, with a completely different end of last year is that it will not get a positive response from other TV brands. TCL , Changhong, Konka For other domestic flat-panel giant Skyworth this "provocative" price-cutting does not seem cold, has no intention to follow up immediately. We have expressed the question: According to the current 37-inch LCD TV costs, Skyworth raised the price of 2999 yuan almost no profit margin. Indeed, as the mainstream 37-inch size LCD TV has been the main source of corporate profits, lower prices to 3,000 yuan or less bound to affect profits. Skyworth such a waiver in exchange for the profit target market is a only a benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom of. Suning Electric Fan Zhijun, executive president of North China: "Air conditioning prices will fall replica watches rolex sea dweller back to the year 2004 level." ? "Beauty Hisense 17 Air Conditioning companies and other large-scale price war brewing " Comments: ulysse nardin maxi marine on sale media speculation last week's vigorous marketing campaign than the air conditioning industry. High energy consumption in hublot imitation the huge Air Conditioning Stock And energy efficiency under the dual pressure of deadline, this year's air conditioning season to the particular morning, the major air conditioning manufacturers eager to clearance of funds withdrawn from circulation. Last week, manufacturers and channels of air conditioning everywhere merchants boasted: Air prices will return knockoff bvlgari watches to five years ago, the price will drop more than 30%. This statement is for consumers with a tempting multi-ah. U.S. air-conditioning sales Guangzhou Yang Jun, general manager: "A lot of manufacturers are not reluctant to launch inverter air conditioner is not pushed out." ? "Air-conditioning giant loggerheads Bianzhao frequency is no need to play the" price war ""

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