The owners also to purchase and install on the agenda was. This week's visit to the average consumer as buy zenith defy xtreme open the relevant market and found many new techniques, new terminology really is more; many consumers in the purchase form is more important, but neglected fake patek philippe watches his own district where the water and heat dissipation. Experts said the purchase should be emphasis on quality and service district, wary of technology and Huyou shortcomings. New term makes Tiaohua Yan Current technology, product innovation speed and new technology makes overwhelmed. "No weld", "seamless", "strong pressure, working pressure up to 1.2 MPa" ... ... in a lot of publicity radiator color page, these new technologies have become propaganda factories highlights. The journalists visited the course, not heard Sell Members of "Our latest high-tech internal radiator anti-corrosion coating," "our product warranty of 50 years" and similar terms. In fact, for how to choose the radiator, many consumers are not as much business to consider. "I look for what material, style and price, almost all the same to set up." Consumer She has that little difference between the radiator on the market, some new technologies for business what she felt like "similar" However, "if the business that a lot of new technology, I would think that quality is relatively secure." Another old house radiator ready to replace the relatively Jiaozhen Mr. Zhao, his confusion of these new technologies, said: "In the past Heating on one, not so many better choices that are now many varieties, and the eyes choose it, do not know what kind of good in the end, many manufacturers say the new technology, new materials or the like, do not know in the end there is no such thing. " Experts Marketing Can not believe everything The existence of these new technologies the quality or impact on the extent of the radiator? Experts said the salesman can not believe everything say. Townsend (China) HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. Technical Services Manager Jun-Sheng Wang stressed that the market is really developing very fast radiator, it does have a lot of new technology is used, but not presented as the sales staff so exaggerated, consumers the time of purchase can not readily believe in the sales view. 1. No seamless welded "Since it is bound to be welded on the gap, the real difficult to achieve seamless welding." Beijing Hardware Plumbing Plumbing Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Station Bathroom Zhao Engineer Testing Division, said: "There has not been seamless welding manufacturers for inspection of products. A single seamless steel pipe is possible, but it involves soldering, inevitably, there will be joint." Is that more leakage rate of the higher solder it? Jun-Sheng Wang said the leakage rate is mainly welding. Using argon gas welding process is to breitling colt gmt plus for sale bond the particles after expansion, and therefore lead to weak joints Department, leakage rate is relatively high. Declared that "seamless welding" "no solder" is directed at this point to go. However, these "no solder", "seamless" are merely "propaganda it." Some of the better welding methods, such as laser welding, plating, etc. flash welding joints will not result in a weak link. 2. "Warranty of 50 years" "the safe use of 50 years" Business "warranty of 50 years" to say whether it shows the product rolex cellini prince watches for sale quality is excellent? These you can not believe everything. Jun-Sheng Wang said that as long as the quality of the radiator itself is not easy to cross the border problems, but the installation, improper use will lead to many serious consequences. Some merchants say "Product warranty of 50 years" in the definition interchange, that is the quality of the product itself can replica audemars piguet royal oak guarantee 50 years, consumers mistakenly think that can be used safely for 50 years and so on. Experts suggest, for the business of these "blue-moon," saying the consumer is best not to fully believe.

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