SARFT issued a document on the Internet TV Business cheap breguet heritage to check on unauthorized Internet TV services to carry out the deadline to stop. SARFT says the action can be righteous, justified and legitimate, but many consumers have regrettably shouted, "hegemony." Why?'s Investigation learned fake bulgari that the original, investigation leading to detriment of consumer interests.

SARFT issued a document on the Internet TV business to check on unauthorized launch Internet TV service deadline to stop. SARFT The action can be said confidently, reasonable and legal, but many consumers have regrettably shouted, "hegemony." Why?'s Investigation learned that the original, investigation leading to detriment of consumer interests.

Inventories accused of "hegemony"
4 months, SARFT issued "without authorization, the telecommunications company to carry out IP TV services to investigate and deal with the notice" (net send 2010 41 characters), requested "all over the e howard watch co series v replicas Internet TV broadcasting sector to check on unauthorized Internet TV business to be conducted investigation, the deadline to stop doing business. "SARFT that some local telecommunications company to carry out without the authorization of SARFT Internet TV business, serious harm to national network information security, affecting the State Council on the three networks integration of the strategic plan of the work of radio and television services in the normal construction.

According to report, "Inventory Order" will be greatly influenced the telecommunications sector. Current carriers are fake hampden special railway already established in parts of the large number of Internet TV pilot area. China Telecom official said, Internet TV is a triple play telecom enterprises to develop the basic starting point, in recent years, China Telecom and Shanghai Media, CCTV, and other units Cooperation In Shanghai, Jiangsu and 20 provinces to carry out Internet television pilot, has reached millions of users. In addition to providing services to the public, but also bear the relevant central departments to deploy a remote rural members Education Task. Internet TV programs from a legitimate fake iwc spitfire watches source of qualified units have a broadcasting license, a complete and reliable security measures, there is no network information security issues.

Affected are color TV manufacturers. SARFT also issued through the industry as "double regulation document", "Internet TV content service management practices" and "Internet TV integrated business management practices." According to these two documents, present various color TV enterprises to develop Internet TV business, are not authorized by the scope of SARFT, means that all the self-built platform will be void.

It is understood that the causes of inventory is Jurisprudence patek philippe annular for sale event, a number of TV brand exposure. As Internet TV Sell Selling point of Internet access is provided to view pornographic video shortcut, allegedly the source of the problem is self-built television enterprise content platform.

This issue, a number of TV companies are "cry foul", claiming that the Internet TV platform is not obscene within the built-in content. "The problem is the Internet's search engine on television." A company official said, was mainly due to the color TV business partners to provide the search engine can not block out some of Bu Wenya keywords.

SARFT regulation on the content of this wrong, however, been directed at the inventory of "hegemony", the key is whether the damage to the interests of the majority of users. I am a professional writer from China Agriculture Net, which contains a great deal of information about asian hair dye , directions hair dye, welcome to visit!