The first three quarters of 2002 engineering and construction machinery industry in China continue to maintain the momentum of rapid development, production and operation of every month accelerated, economic situation and increase the overall trend has shown unprecedented prosperity. Statistics show that 1-China Construction Machinery Industry in September added value of 4.347 billion yuan, up 28.18 percent growth rate. More than 23.80% of the growth of the automotive industry, ranking first in machine-building industry.

Engineering and construction machinery industry in China in recent years has been able to get rapid development, on the one hand through the introduction of foreign advanced technology to upgrade its product grades and domestic labor costs low is one reason, on the other hand the state has for many years to implement the proactive fiscal policy is to promote industry growth of the fundamental driving forces.

Consecutive years by the State to implement the proactive fiscal policy stimulus, including the western development, natural gas and delivery project, the Qinghai-Tibet railway, real estate development, and highways (roads), urban infrastructure construction projects such as relying on a large number of implemented, which is for the major construction projects and equipment industry, engineering and construction machinery industry is indeed a rare opportunity, so the momentum of strong domestic demand, the entire industry. At the same time by China's accession to WTO and national policy incentives to encourage exports, engineering and construction machinery products export situation has improved markedly.

On the current Shanghai and Shenzhen in terms of engineering and construction machinery blocks, 11 listed companies fake cartier ballon bleu watch in virtually every industry, all the elite, in other words, the industry's key enterprises have become the basic listed companies, so engineering and construction machinery enterprises plate operating performance has improved significantly also reasonable that the.

Because the factors that constitute the corporate bottom line include main business profits, three concord online fees, investment income and subsidy income and net non-operating replica iwc der dopple watches income and expenditure and taxation. The first three quarters of 2002, listed the company's main business profit growth rate than the growth rate of three charges, in addition to investment income as a whole showed a rising trend, the net operating income and expenditure Despite a certain degree of decline, coupled with some companies had The tax incentives have been canceled, but the main factors affecting growth in earnings is greater than that of reducing the viability of the entire industry average net profit growth of more than 76% year on year, the average earnings per hamilton elinvar fake watches share reached 0.194 yuan, compared with Shanghai and Shenzhen all listed companies, the average earnings per share higher than 48%.

And then from the sub-industry products, the addition to the bulldozers and specialized construction machinery manufacturing enterprises based in varying degrees of performance decline, other large-scale projects such as construction machinery, concrete equipment, road construction machinery and transport equipment, such as shoveling manufacturing enterprises Results are varying degrees of growth. In addition, the product variety is more complete performance of the business was significantly higher than the single variety of production enterprises.

Of course, the rapid development in the industry, enterprise performance greatly enhance the same time, we should also see that, due to the growth of production and operation of a corresponding demand for funds has also increased, while the present, the enterprise relies mainly on its own funds in their development, eventually leading to business the short-term solvency declined. In addition, due to the reduction in fixed assets investment, enterprises to go on equipment, there is also the problem of insufficient development potential, which should be sufficient attention, and to take active countermeasures. replica daniel jean richard for sale

Since China is still a developing country, infrastructure is still relatively weak, so the state will continue to implement a more active fiscal policy to ensure that infrastructure such as construction, engineering and construction machinery products will be sustained, the entire development of the industry remain a certain space. For the year 2002 is expected to engineering and construction machinery industry production and management can achieve 30% growth level. On the relevant listed company, its main business as well as the earnings growth rate will remain at a faster level. I am an expert from China Bags Wholesale, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such omega speedmaster fake watches as dymo label writer , unmounted stamps.