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Front Embedded DVR A large number of applications in the field of monitoring the financial industry is already well-known things. Applications include bank teller network monitoring, self-help bank monitoring, ATM monitoring and Treasury surveillance. With the city recently started work order control, and multi-faceted, three-dimensional combat and prevention of financial Crime Needs, and industry-wide digital, network acceleration of the maturity of the embedded technology, the rapid spread of computer networks, the existing banks Video Surveillance System for remote monitoring and management unified manner to achieve and be applied gradually. Albert Tianjin World Company After years of exploration in the area of monitoring, self-developed H.264 video compression technology based on embedded hardware platforms and network media focus Monitoring sell piaget watches System For financial clients office, business office, self-service bank, ATM machine terminals, vaults, a full set of digital security monitoring, network as a whole Solutions . This will be a city branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, network monitoring systems in, for example, embedded within the financial system DVR Monitoring applications and programs to do some of the design idea. Business growth, higher demand leads to security City branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, after years of development, volume of business continued to expand, the jurisdiction of branches at all levels, no duty of self-help lines and ATM system reduces the work of the staff strength and increase work efficiency, but with Agricultural Bank of China to deepen reforms, the various functions of the branch of internal control in all the work put forward higher requirements, and how to better protect the business office, branch, self-service banking and ATM systems from a line Security Run also made the banking system, more stringent security requirements. The ABC in the city a total of 46 outlets, 18 from the line-type ATM system, four replica rolex datejust ii for sale branches and a treasury, need to monitor the network audio and video about the number of road about 600, and branch office located in will monitor the command center to demand audio and video signals on all network management. Notify the alarm signal to achieve the linkage, management and processing, an important branch centers for audio and video data of a double backup. Based on this, the program proposed in the branch network as the backbone of the system, sub-branches for the two network nodes, business networks, branch offices, self-service banking for the three network nodes, create a safe, efficient and advanced remote security network management system. How the financial industry demand for network-based monitoring According to a city branch of the Agricultural Bank of fake corum trapeze for sale China, the specific monitoring requirements, combined with monitoring equipment in the existing outlets, Tianjin World Albert offers a city branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, network monitoring program design ideas. The program to the county branch of the two centers to realize the previously dispersed outlets in the local management, self-help bank, ATM machine digital image monitoring system and alarm system for centralized monitoring and management. To lead the municipal branch of science and technology departments, the establishment of three branches of the city network control center to realize the branch and the branch outlet, self-service banking, and local treasury management of digital video surveillance system. Assign permissions for all users and the jurisdiction of the management of all the branches in order to achieve centralized monitoring and management purposes. Program involved monitoring equipment is used world Albert TC-2800AN Series embedded host, the host uses advanced H.264 video codec, fake zenith defy xtreme open G.722 audio codec standard, the popular embedded operating system, and reasonable hardware architecture: high stability, easy operation, free from virus-free, clear advantages of network transmission quality. Following is a brief idea of the program design. 1, network monitoring on the playback quality concerns

Bank fake ulysse nardin michelangelo branches of the more important transaction process monitoring, video playback quality for clarity on the high requirements, program design selected World Albert TC-2800AN Series HD DVR to realize embedded network transaction monitoring, it can picture quality and high quality voice, clear and monitor the situation daily teller receipt and payment operations, and customer voice communication, Counting actions and face value, customer information such as facial features and use the video file into a video store management functions under different conditions of video and audio video files, such as the occurrence of errors and unexpected situations, you can query through the powerful search function, playback video analysis and processing, to replica watches baume mercier avoid the bank counter and the customer disputes between the problems and ambiguous situations. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as skeleton mechanical watch , China skeleton mechanical watch for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits accuracy mechanical watch.