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Whenever I need a good laugh, I read one of the British tabloids, e howard watch co fake watches which are so wacky you can't help but admire the loons who put them together on a daily basis. Sure enough, I found a great story on Page 3. It replica jaeger lecoultre master watch seems a group of women in Lancashire are giving a whole new meaning to the term "body art." Usually, when "body fake vacheron constantin watch art" is referred to, it means that the artist has had their body painted, or they are painting someone else's body. I actually saw an exhibition of Body Art in New York City during the 1970's, and the models were smoking hot. The British probably did this too, because in those days, they were certainly as wacky as we were. But this fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness is called "Paint By Nipples." Were I a little younger, I would apply to be a paint applicator, but I'm afraid at my age I would only be called a dirty old man (not that there's anything wrong with that). What I'm trying to figure out here is: Does the woman move the nipple around on the canvas, or does someone move the canvas around on the nipple? (Enquiring minds want to know!) The women also have the option of making a unique ceramic piece, by using the shape of their breasts. Something to drink coffee, or tea out of? A one, or two cup model? The owner of the studio feels that husbands and boyfriends would love breasts on their work mugs. (Would fake cartier panther for sale it be wrong to covet your friend's mug?) One of the artists has already painted, using her nipples, and she found the experience "liberating." Now, she wants to make pottery, using her breasts, so she can have a mug ulysse nardin marine chronometer online with her breast prints on it. This exactly why you have to love the Brits, in spite of their bad teeth and mysterious body odors. They are always just a step or two away from the "funhouse," as they say. But it sure beats one of the droll cancer fundraisers we have here. Pip! fake chopard l u c pro one for sale Pip! Cheerio!