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Recently released "2009 China Flat Panel TV Investigative three quarters of urban consumers report "shows that the flat-panel TVs heavy volume growth continues, the price slowing down. Than-expected consumer demand in the fourth replica watch for sale quarter or the Explosive Growth 2009 the third quarter, the urban market demand for flat-panel television has maintained steady growth, year on year increase of 20% of 2008% or more, but no time before the expected growth, the main factor for the 2008 third quarter positive Olympics Council, a significant reduction in promotional activities, while in 2009, "XI," "Autumn," eight-day holiday to attract more urban consumers demand. Flat-panel TV consumption growth may be concentrated in the fourth quarter reflected. Finance Flat share crisis attenuate rebound The global financial crisis on the Chinese market, although demand for flat panel TVs have little impact, but TV Enterprises are obvious, especially foreign brand with sales of domestic brand share of disadvantages compared to last show. Fourth quarter of 2008, with foreign brands in the world will be affected by, efforts to expand in the Chinese market slowing, sales of share plummeted. As the financial crisis is waning, to the third quarter of 2009, share of foreign brands has box copies increased to 32%%. In this year's National Day, Mid-Autumn Double period, foreign brands share has rebounded to 50%%, essentially flat with the domestic brands. Full range of stabilization of prices of LCD and plasma products with the size of spreads narrow Entered in 2009, flat-panel TV to heavy volume at the same fake ebel mini classic watch time, the price was stable, 1-August average fell below 10%%. The year 2008 flat panel TV prices drop about 30%%, indicating that the product is now flat-panel television smaller replica iwc der flieger watch profit margins, especially in and below 46-inch flat-panel TV products. Range of products from different point of view, the same size specifications LCD TV And plasma television prices are reduced. As of August 2009, kingpin of the 32-inch, fake breguet type xxi watch 42-inch LCD, plasma TV spreads less than 300 yuan. Can be seen, plasma TV in the price advantage has been weakened. But in large sizes of television, the price advantage of plasma remain, particularly in the 50-inch television for more than the basic spread remained at around 5,000 yuan. As expected Changhong plasma Panel production, the domestic plasma TV market share in China has improved. LED TV market starts rising consumer awareness in LED TV became in 2009 the new darling of consumer demand, flat-panel TVs. LED TV since 2008 Hisense After the devaluation, the major companies have become increasingly driven by market perception. Research data, expected purchase rate increased sharply in 2010 the domestic urban market demand will reach 4 million units by 2011 demand for flat-panel TVs will account for 30% of% of. Price factor is still affecting a large LED television Dimensions of factors, and general LCD TV than, LED price level higher than 30%% -50%%. From a brand perspective, Skyworth, Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp, Tsinghua Tongfang, Haier, Konka and other foreign brands have introduced the basic corresponding products, competition, the early pattern. Price will become the brand LED TV grab market tool, therefore, Hisense, Tsinghua University, having the same side LED backlight module production capacity of enterprises in the future LED products competitive advantages. Home appliances to the countryside to promote the three, four market consumption upgrade Latest statistics show that home appliances to the countryside in May 2009 after the third tender for the impact of the domestic market and gradually revealed, rural areas account for three quarters of color TV color TV product sales 16%% full. In home appliances to the countryside policies, driven by the growth of small-size color TVs remain at a relatively high level, long-term is large in power of color TV market opens up another channel for sales growth are more than ever. The e-commerce omega watches fake company in China offers quality products such as China roll forming machines , rolling forming machine, and more. For more , please visit steel roll forming machine today!