Huang Guangyu of clothing feel Chinese clothing have a big problems: too much emphasis on packaging, a bit neglected core competitiveness of enterprises. When the Sprint long-distance running, is the clothing business is not an important reason to do. product is also problematic: for example I think good things Dunhill, may I have more short people in this sub-speaking appropriate. I bought many kinds of suits, do not find it a kind of inherent characteristics of the product I am very critical of this character, if you do not have that feeling, like eating a certain food you can not find the taste, he speculation no matter how good you do not. Enterprise Management Problems: This may be the commander, an industry may be a common problem. Start a business, the real orientation package should be to promote, but should also form a feature of the formation of an integrated core of your competitiveness. 2007, China's apparel industry was suddenly upset fake patek philippe gondolo watch the visual Huang Guangyu. Wearing a "business genius" and the "China's richest man," two titles, Huang Guangyu to establish "Eagle fashion trade center," the Chinese garment industry to build a new trading platform. We must first believe that he has enough money in the clothing industry to play on a ticket, we also believe he has enough experience to play new tricks, but almost everyone there is a wait and see attitude: apparel market is full of uncertainty to the yellow Glory is what brings self-confidence or hesitation? Described the prospect of Huang Guangyu: through capital operation, resource integration platters, set up clothing companies before the operating system back, so system operators + real estate developer. He used humor to successful self-confidence, said: "I was only to integrate our resources, you give me some tips." But when he sat around the most excellent fashion entrepreneurs, between talk of the future of the fashion industry The development, Huang Guangyu has not been clearly described the expected future pursuit, everyone quiet down even the occasional moment of concern on the Eagle, he got most of the queries are also no secret ... ... Electrical appliances and clothing, after all, replica panerai luminor 1950 submersible different. Best in the world do not mind and the general brand electrical appliances on the same stage debut, in which the senior clothing on its own platform and the environment has a "Princess and the Pea" like a highly sensitive, "The Princess and were" making every themselves from the general operating environment of the brand, but think of Huang Guangyu match their peaceful coexistence ... ... sounds like he will no doubt be frustrated, but also makes a lot of reliance on the survival of the apparel department store brands placed him a glimmer of hope. After all, questioning the wisdom of Wong Kwong Yu commercial Wizards have to weigh their own weight in advance, perhaps "Eagle fashion trade center" in the future will become a paradise for clothing and Huang Guangyu symbiotic do? The face of these doubts, Wong Kwong Yu is with the firm's eyes, said: Ladies and gentlemen, in your understanding of this new model yet, please speak carefully! "Then replica cartier calibre de cartier watch why choose clothes?" From doing electrical this perspective, we think of Chinese clothing is facing "are today, not tomorrow," the crisis, which is what I do clothing business opportunities. Are equivalent to the apparel industry from 1996 to 1999, China's household electrical appliances. Small appliances at the time. 400 to 500 square patek philippe neptune replicas meters of space products are put fake franck muller casablanca discontent significant increase around 1998, 1.2 million square meters of OTC rate of only 80%, China's garment industry was part of "a great number of rich little brand" and years. China did not even really big brand, you re great, large and foreign than you gone, small Santianliangtou for the brand, the brand can not be shaped, it is difficult to develop.

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