John Dewey embodies the view that, education is not preparation for life and education is life itself. Education serves as the means to bring about the desired change in society, to develop a generation of virtuous individuals. No doubt, it contributes to the development of good human beings. However, an impediment in the path of the child development in schools comes by way of the various social issues that plague our education system. As a matter of fact, there are some social issues in education . There is no denying that some social issues in education arise because the economic strata a student belong to. Generally, students who belong to poor families, go to public schools which are not so well equipped with technology. This automatically puts them at a disadvantage, when compared to the students swiss replica watch who go to some good private schools. Another of the education social issues is differentiation on the basis of sex. Compared to boys for studying, girls have lesser opportunities, in certain sections of the society. A case in point is that expectations from girls to score high in studies or study further, are less as well. Besides, fake cartier tank francaise watch students coming from immigrant families may not be well versed with English language. It likely leads to a barrier in communication between students and teachers and thus, such students are not able to receive proper education. In addition, there are certain stereotypes that have been buy oris attached to specific races and, omega swiss replica children belonging to them, suffer from low self-esteem. For instance, children belonging to certain ethnic groups, such as blacks are expected to be slower learners as compared to others. From what has been discussed above, we can safely draw a conclusion that these issues basically have two kinds of impact. On one hand, the student's performance suffers. On the other hand, the teacher's expectations do not remain the same for everybody. That's why certain political issues on education have chopard copies been raised to deal with these social problems. It is high time cheap patek philippe hourglass for sale that the government had to make certain policies and see to it that they are implemented properly, to tackle these issues.