Huawei M & A news, once out of Motorola, immediately caused an uproar, although Huawei has been no positive response to the authenticity of the news, but bring with it the shock of no less than the Indonesian tsunami. A year in the acquisition of Sichuan Proton Hummer same, the Chinese private enterprises and foreign enterprises on an equal footing wish. At first glance, the impression that the big fish eat small fish, of course, a so-called "small fish" Huawei's name first, than were not seen by the turn of Tengzhong will have to much louder, even though a number of Huawei countries have business dealings, to some extent, can not be called "small fish" (Huawei 2009 annual report, it has Ericsson, the world's second largest after the equipment manufacturer ), There is bound to give the impression to stay here.

Global Financial Turmoil, not only failed to meet the difficulties of Chinese enterprises to retreat, on the contrary, stress frequency shot, lucky bride Volvo, Lenovo received IBM "Little Red Riding Hood" concubine, even if the final had ended in failure in replica cartier divan for sale the acquisition of Proton Hummer, without exception, demonstrates the solid strength of Chinese private enterprises, and look back Print Industry, it seems rare to see such boldness.

In the search engine type "printing acquisition", the answer can not but dejected, RR Donnelley's acquisition of Toronto Grafikom printing company, Heidelberg Acquisition of high-performance printing machinery Paint Manufacturers, the only national information, only the acquisition of domestic private enterprises. zeno basel replicas We must ask, how no Chinese companies acquiring foreign printing companies? Printing industry, "Huawei" Where?

We all know, the cartier pasha fake watches domestic printing enterprises have been faced with such an embarrassing lack of technology. A lot of equipment to be imported, such as Sheet-fed offset press , Web press, CTP , Ink and other equipment and products. Similarly, a production line equipment for U.S. and European companies may be the price to around 50 million; and equipment in Taiwan, marked half price discount would, 2-30000000; domestic enterprise device, but also on this basis best replica cartier watches re- playing a discount. While the price of which tens of millions of poor, poor is technology.

Whether they are unlucky, Lenovo, Huawei and today, the acquisition of objects with them to sit with a negotiating table, not an easy task, and that the key is that technology! Car Industry has always been at the lack of core replica oris sportsman for sale technology, the lack of brand influence, lack of sufficient expertise is not available, this situation with the franck muller vegas replica watches printing industry has a high degree of similarity. The group represented by Geely Automobile was the sudden emergence of those to undaunted spirit have taken up the national car industry and the banner of independent innovation, opened a new chapter in the development of China's automobile industry, but also to the printing industry sounds an alarm?? independent innovation! Whatever the industry, only to master the core, cutting-edge technology to capitalize on industry trends, to win the future.

Present, all facing a relative surplus of the overall capacity of the printing industry, a high level relative lack of status of printing capabilities, a small number of large backbone printing enterprises, small quantity printing enterprises, low level, while creating chaos among the brave victory, The current printing industry needed its own "Huawei", to the printing industry of tomorrow, we strongly call, we need our own "Huawei"! I am an expert from China Building Materials, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as daybed cover set , art deco sofa.