2007 10 26 -29 days, by the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Dalian Branch, big business groups, organized in 2007 in northeast China Green Food & Supermarket Commodity Fair held in Dalian World Expo Center. The fair will invite domestic and foreign agents, distributors to be negotiations and cooperation. At the same time a large business groups will be organized to participate in the store purchasing managers show to the business advantages of big business groups as a bridge for exhibitors to provide more business opportunities. HC Network channel as the food industry exhibition in this special network in Northeast Green propaganda media, to attend the exhibition site full report. For a more comprehensive understanding of national food market trends and status, HC network channel food industry exhibitors participating editors on some well-known fake corum gold piece watch manufacturers of exchanges and interviews, the following is a network of food industries HC, editor of the Dalian mu Wine Co., Ltd. Integrated Services Manager Mr. Wang Peng's interview. HC Network: Please briefly acre of wine and business development process Manager Wang: Wine Co., Ltd. was established in Dalian acre in June 2006, is specialized in the sales of the original bottle of imported wine and wine culture spread joint venture, based in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian. Mu Wine Co., Ltd. is the world's largest wine group Freixenet Group, the sole agent distributor in China. Freixenet Group is headquartered in Spain roger dubuis sympathie online (Cataluna) province, built in 1861, a lapse of 146 years of history, the company regardless of size or wine production from both the top three ranking in the world, and this year the half Freixenet fake chopard watch Group wine champagne sparkling wine production and sales are ranked first in the world. We are committed to the cause of wine a year, written in this field one after another brilliant chapter. First, we improve the Chinese market, marketing ideas, advanced marketing idea; Secondly, we have established a strong marketing team, and formed an extensive marketing network, by virtue of these conditions, and convenient logistics and distribution, improve the training system and service, strong type occupied a large proportion of the Group buy Dalian market and restaurant famous restaurant, and has made the industry a few years of similar companies are unable to reach the sales target. HC Network: In this exhibition, what products your company? Please tell us about its features and consumer-oriented groups? Manager Wang: High-middle and low thousand different varieties of the original bottle of imported wine, cover the red wine, white wine, rose wine, champagne, sparkling wine and other varieties. Major consumer-oriented groups are five-star hotels, western shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and other kinds of food shops, can be said that now no matter where you are in Dalian, a restaurant can enjoy an acre of wine its high quality wines. Acre of wine tasting events for free HC Network: As a wine business, channels and markets should be a critical issue in both is how to do it? Manager Wang: Over the past year we successfully held a number of industry leading enterprise customers will thank, radio reception, the Irish soccer and other business reception and PARTY, has become the most wins were imported wine brand. And in this exhibition I held a free wine tasting and wine knowledge and introduce other activities. In other ports of Dalian acre regional wine quality wines occupy a higher market share, we are now in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chongqing have been set up branch offices, with the advantage of product diversification to cultural management, consultative selling as a concept, creative marketing ideas, committed to customer success as the goal, a successful investment, the situation is excellent, an acre of wine in the near future, certainly came out top in the domestic market imported wines. HC Network: What do you think the development prospects of the wine market? Manager Wang: Rough estimate, only in Dalian in 2006, wine consumption in more than 60 million, and the upward trend evident. Wine health benefits on people's health consciousness as more and more by strengthening the people's favor, and liquor and other liquor sales are already beginning to show a downward trend. High-end zeno basel army pilot day date replica consumer group pays more attention to physical health and the pursuit of high quality wine, in which case the wine has become people's first choice. In this time, the reduction in tariffs on imported wine prices have gradually yield advantage, part of the basic price of imported ebel replica watches wine and domestic wine flat and even far less than the price of domestic wine. Such cases, the imported wine market competitiveness in the terminal also far greater than domestic wine. Experts predict that imported wines in China spent 20 years with annual growth rate of 20% last year alone, China's consumption of imported wine market has exceeded 30 thousand tons of two, and this growth rate will be with the 08 Olympics held its annual growth rate will reach 80% within three years, large market potential is unimaginable! For you dealers, the now is involved in the original bottle of foreign wine imports the best time! Acre wine characteristics stand HC Network: Brand and corporate culture is now an integral part of the business, how your company has a kind of corporate culture? Manager Wang: Wine is a symbol of health, is a symbol of quality, is a symbol of culture, let us unite forces, using all available resources to equip all can grasp the network, each mu of wine ready and insight create brilliant career. This is our corporate culture. HC Network: The next few years, how will your company's development projects? Manager Wang: Development of our company is to become China's wine industry, "Coca-Cola," we also have this as the goal of our efforts, and we think this is certainly achievable. cheap roger dubuis hommage for sale Wherever there is wine after our acre of wine.

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